Show #227 – Dr John Demartini: Stop Hiding From Yourself and Start Living Your Highest Value


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And on this week’s show!

Are you ready to stop hiding from yourself and feel truly empowered in your own life? That is what Dr John Demartini invites us to do and I’m thrilled to have him back on the show where we talk about self love, saying no more often, changing our inner dialogue, the true power of gratitude, actually getting done what is actually important – sometimes we say something is but it’s not! Lastly, we talk about parenting kids to raise them to live their highest value and thrive, too. It’s a powerful interview and one I have needed to re-listen to, just to ensure the gold soaked in properly. If you’ve not come across his work before, Dr John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, International best-selling author, educator, founder of the Demartini Institute and the author of 40 books that have been translated into 39 languages. He has presented along-side Sir Richard Branson, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Steve Wosniak and many others. He has been a welcomed guest on Larry King Live, CNN, CNBC, is a contributor to Oprah Magazine and hundreds of other magazines.

Enjoy the show!

The questions I asked John:

  1. How is your gratitude journal going? Volume 39 by now, no doubt from since that last time we spoke? Why is it a non negotiable for you? Why do you find some people need to write it over simply thinking it and what is the power of going into infinitesimal details with one’s gratitude?
  2. I want to dive into the word NO today: While its connotation is negative, it’s an extremely powerful and positive word in many ways, right? 
  3. Self talk…our internal script: Just how impactful is it and how can we change it for the better? 
  4. Do you see opportunity in the crisis so many people are living through right now? How can we rise stronger out of times that have knocked so many down? 
  5. How do we know we really love ourselves? How can we ensure it’s a love of kindness and awe rather than ego-driven adoration? 
  6. Outside of ourselves, it can be easy to hold grudges with people, to judge them – what does that do to hinder our own happiness and how can we practically let go of these things that don’t serve us or them for the greater good? 
  7. Many of us are parents and it can be so hard not to be confused by external messages and advice in bringing out the best in our children and helping them live a wonderful childhood and life, truly connected to their power, engaged with purpose… so I appreciate the irony then, in asking your advice right now – ha! – how can we awaken them to their magic and genius, and also I think on the minds of many parents today, build self love and resilience in the age of what seems like so much more bullying, and more social challenges with the online element? 

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