Show #229 – Jarvis Smith: Global Change Through Business and Publishing


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And on this week’s show!

Kicking off our people + planet series looking at businesses and thought leaders creating change from their corner of the world, we have the wonderful Jarvis Smith from the UK, publisher, entrepreneur, hippy – and we explore how these different aspects of the self converge and find peace within the one person. Jarvis, once a budding musician who’d just released his first single, was invited onto a reality show, featuring a group of people who had to build a life on a landfill. The experience was so profound that he then founded the first “Green” Magazine” with National Geographic in 2007, now an independent quarterly magazine called the Green Pod that you can subscribe to in today’s show notes – it’s free! Today Jarvis and his partner Katie also run My Green Pod, an online retailer supporting products from around the world doing better by people and planet. It’s a philosophical conversation, a window into a pioneering mine in the education and retail space, and something that will leave you feeling better than when you started, that much I promise. 

Enjoy the show and head over to the show notes for more details and to join the Low Tox Club. 

The questions I asked Jarvis:

  1. What was your childhood like – hippy born and bred or born again eco warrior? 
  2. Your passion isn’t just for the environment but the role one can play in business, right? How do you balance those passions? Have any interesting money stories come up over your career’s evolution? 
  3. You’ve had a long history in publishing the environmental care space… some huge projects/publications – what was it like to partner with Nat Geo and why the move to Guardian and then independence? 
  4. What inspired you towards online retail? 
  5. Being the Eco Amazon: A bold goal – what does amazon do for the main that you disagree with? What do they get right? How does conscious capitalism look for you in terms of success going beyond money as the lone success metric to all involved? 
  6. How do you feel about what’s happening in climate change – in terms of counter movements, truth seeking, big tech/energy sometimes hijacking the conversation and focus.
  7. How big an impact will the simple act of reconnecting us with nature have, in our quest towards a more just and ecologically resilient world? 
  8. You’ve got some awards coming up that you’re launching – what are they, how can people and brands get involved? 

Other helpful links:

Know more about products available on My Green Pod: 

You can also find them on Instagram @mygreenpod and on Facebook 

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