Show #233 – Hope is a Verb: A Fresh Story to Serve our Planet with Emily Ehlers


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And on this week’s show!

Hands up if you ever get overwhelmed about all the problems facing us and our world? If we simply ‘hope’ with wishful thinking that things will get better, nothing happens, but today’s author, Emily Ehlers reminds us that hope is a verb and what a powerful reminder it is. Her beautiful new book is full of illustrations, actions, and information about how we can ensure we beat overwhelm and fear and are always able – even after the hour’s panic or overwhelm we’ll inevitably feel along the way – to muster our next action and move forward.

The questions I asked Emily:

  1. Radical Optimism: Are you a radical optimist yourself, by nature or self-trained? 
  2. Hope isn’t just something you HAVE it’s something you DO – thus the title of your new book. I love this because it fuses hope into an actionable ‘thing’ ie we become more hopeful the more we act towards the things we see aren’t right in the world, right? 
  3. How do we do something when we’re freaking out about ALL THE THINGS? I often think people are paralysed, or numb because there’s just so much that we need to ‘do’, right? What’s the remedy? 
  4. Can you talk me through this: You read yet another article talking about the tiny amount of years we have left to make a meaningful emissions impact on our warming planet: What does old you vs new you do? What are your “off the ledge and into action” steps? 
  5. Whether it’s racial inequality, woeful public health preventative policies, climate change… the emotions can be strong and painful: what different things show up for different people and how beneficial is it to notice what’s showing up to be able to make hope a verb in our lives?
  6. Loved this line from your book: Could be quite a triggering, impactful reflection for many: Fear of not being successful, keeps us in a cycle of consumerism. How? 
  7. And this one, especially when I think of equality, health, and social justice issues: Fear of being too loud, too ‘much’  can keep us small and ‘manageable’. 
  8. I think my favourite chapter in your book is the one titled “Change the Story”: What stories are we telling ourselves and how do we actually change the ones that aren’t serving us, humanity, or the planet? 
  9. Part of the road to empowerment and hope being a verb, starts with us tuning in to our own personal magic: If someone out there feels a bit lost about how to make an impact, where can they start when they look within to search for their unique offering and what it might be? 
  10. Can you share a time you’ve felt powerless, noticed a story you were telling yourself that wasn’t serving you, tuned into your superpowers, and hoped and hoped and hoped?

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To find out more about Emily Ehlers and her work:

Hope is a Verb – released this week! You can get it on the Book Depository or at Booktopia

You can also find her on Instagram @ecowithem_ and on Facebook

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