Show #234 – Dr Sandeep Gupta on Clinical Developments with CIRS / Mold Illness


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And on this week’s show!

Do you have a range of ongoing symptoms affecting multiple systems in the body and no idea what’s going on, getting no answers? This week we dive back into a topic close to my heart and a health challenge I still struggle with 5 years later: Mould/Mold and Chronic inflammatory response syndrome also referred to as Biotoxin illness. Dr Sandeep Gupta, an Australian doctor at the forefront of research and treatment in CIRS is back on the show talking through allergy vs CIRS and what the difference is, treatment advances, detox do’s and don’ts, what the leading practitioners around the world are bringing to the table on this subject, choosing a home, further resources to connect to and more. It’s a powerful interview for people living with chronic inflammatory response syndrome. Please, if you have a friend, colleague, or family member who’s been ill and frightened about it for a long time, today’s show is worth a listen. 

The questions I asked Sandeep:

  1. When you go to your GP many know the respiratory concerns around mould, and many will test for “allergy” but the impact on the nervous system, brain, immune system… this is less known and even less known how to navigate a complex healing journey for a patient: What is the difference between allergy and chronic inflammatory response syndrome? 
  2. In your time speaking with health professionals at the forefront of CIRS treatment, what have been some of your biggest learnings and advances as a doctor in this space? (Perhaps recalling key clinical findings/healing discoveries from Shoemaker, Mary Ackerley, Neil Nathan, perhaps a building biologist, etc over the years. 
  3. Let’s talk about the VCS Test (visual contrast sensitivity test) used to track improvements in treatment response during recovery? 
  4. How do we choose binders and ensure we’re detoxing properly now that there seems to be research supporting that different binders work for different mycotoxins? 
  5. What is the role of glutathione and can we build glutathione back up and heal the pathways especially if people have used paracetamol regularly in their lives? 
  6. And what are some key things your patients taught you over the years? 
  7. What can the imprint of trauma on the nervous system/brain/immune response be even if you’ve healed and how can we work on that? 
  8. Challenges in being treated in Australia: Low renter’s rights/low water-damaged building awareness in this country: Sometimes people can’t simply ‘move’. Personal cost challenge: Replacing all your stuff/moving costs/treatment costs all coming down to your own expenses. I’ve personally probably spent over 100K now over 5 years. I’ve moved 7 times in 5 years even knowing everything I know… How do we start to campaign for greater awareness in our electorates, with medical associations: Do you see the power of many coming into play here? 
  9. In your Mould Illness Made simple course, you have detailed videos on how to choose a safe home – ‘your best bet’ kind of framework. Can you share some of the most common ways a building might not stack up and be worth renting/buying? 
  10. If one is someone who has done your course as a way to make the healing journey more affordable, and it truly does, and they’re based in a country where the specific blood work is inaccessible/out of budget – how best can we support ourselves working on the healing journey alone? (I ask this because we get “I can’t get in to see XYZ doc for a year” or “I can’t afford the integrative doc fees”, unfortunately, so often… I want to start proactively turning people towards your course + Tox mould group + give people hope in these buckets of cases…
  11. Given many of us have to educate our health care practitioners only just coming to realise the impact of mould on some people/CIRS because we can’t get in to see you! 😉 Can you talk us through some of the first things you do with a patient in a consult to support them? 
  12. If we’re expecting a linear process when it comes to healing from and detoxing from mould, well, it won’t be. What can be signs that we’re pushing too hard/fast, how can we mitigate cytokine storms/Mast Cell activation bouts on the healing journey. 
  13. Given the multi-system nature of CIRS, what are the most important nutrients – foods/supps during the healing process to support whatever medical protocol we might be on? 
  14. What have you found to be the best food mix/diet for people with CIRS? 
  15. Once we’re well and truly feeling better: What about re-exposures? A protocol for when we’re re-exposed to ensure the best chance of not going backwards?
  16. What are you most excited about in the newer research on CIRS/hopefully for in terms of patient treatments emerging?

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