Show #236 – Kirsty Wirth: Our Inner Environmental Toxins & Big Picture Healing


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And on this week’s show!

We often think of environmental toxins as things that can harm us from the outside, but what about toxins inside our bodies? This week, continuing our environmental toxin series I invite the wonderful Kirsty Wirth back to the show to discuss potential environmental toxins in our inner environment, especially the digestive tract. We talk testing, budget options, health practitioner team assembly, lifestyle hacks to embed before seeing a practitioner, and the names of specific things to look for in gut/poop tests to investigate with trickier cases. Kirsty is a wealth of knowledge on things that can drastically move the needle in chronic health pictures from neurological challenges, to mental health, gut diseases, and behavioral concerns to help people thrive.

Questions I asked Kirsty:

We often think of the environmental toxins that are around us, in the air, in products, farming, pollution, but our inner environments need paying attention to as well:

What do we mean when we talk about our Inner environmental toxins?

When should we add a thorough investigation of our inner environment/gut/poop to our lives – what kinds of symptoms/issues? 

What key things could we focus on before seeing a health professional and for how long before we think to ourselves “Still no improvement, I need to see someone”? 

What can we do when we can’t do expensive testing? Other budget-friendly options? 

We hear the term ‘good bugs/bad bugs but that oversimplifies doesn’t it? Some ‘bad guys’ are great in small amounts are they not? 

Let’s take a look specifically at 3 inner toxin issues that can play roles in chronic health pictures: LPS, Sulphides, and Beta Glucaronidase issues and how they manifest/how we might get clues that are worth investigating. 

So what is the plan? Lifestyle – food/body/mind strategies to cultivate a low tox biome? 

Let’s talk Vagus Nerve given the importance of that bad boy in overall gut function and motility! 

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