Show #237 – Beth O’Hara on Detoxification for Sensitive Peeps


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And on this week’s show!

As we continue on this environmental toxins and chronic illness series, I interview once again, the incredible Beth O’Hara. When I first had Beth on the show a few months ago, we explored MCAS – Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and people with mast cell issues, how it presented, and what might be some of the common causes for the syndrome as it’s a symptom after all – there’s a reason those mast cells are rising up to get all angry and protect us, as unpleasant as the ‘protection’ feels. So in this show, we discuss the bigger picture of detoxification and resilience building for people with chronic toxicity exposures and illnesses that stem from it, and how we can get the body back to balance and on the road to recovery. It’s an empowering and oftentimes emotional conversation and interview, given both Beth and myself have battled our own personal challenges in this area. Please, if there’s someone who’s struggled for a long time, share this with them. Don’t give up and always have hope.

Questions I asked Beth:

  1. Last time we focused on Mast Cells, causes and triggers and interventions of the SOS variety, and today we’re going to look more deeply at the role detoxification plays in achieving greater resilience in our body and mind. 
  2. How many times have I heard “you don’t need detoxification support, you have a liver, that’s its job, right?” What would be the most simple and powerful way to explain why we need to support detoxification and actively assist impaired detox pathways to people who are sceptical for the need?” (We can talk symptoms/length of illness/symptoms of a person/modern world triggers/genes etc)  – Maybe we could talk stagnant lymphatics/vagus nerve disfunction hindering detox? 
  3. When someone is super sensitive and carrying a high toxic load, what can that present as? 
  4. Sometimes detoxification feels like it’s ‘too much’ – can we get around things like herxheimer reactions and die-off symptoms or is it par for the course? 
  5. Mould – it’s been in the environment/soil for thousands of years: Why so many issues with it now? How come so many people are presenting with biotoxin illness these days? (or was it always there and we just didn’t realise that’s what it was?) 
  6. Why do some get sick and others no? 
  7. Why does Mast cell activation syndrome seem to be best buddies with mould in the playground? 
  8. Why do some lose tonnes of weight with mould and others, like me, gain tonnes of weight? 
  9. Why does muscle retention/building become darn near impossible? 
  10. How can we achieve successful healing from biotoxin illnesses and rebuild resilience – it seems so many of us struggle for years. I feel like many of us get ‘just so’ well and have been so sick we’re super grateful for even that. But the resilience ‘icing on top’ seems enigmatic. (We can of course discuss major interventions including house move/remediation, treatment therapies/modalities, and detoxification pathway clearance) 
  11. Clinical relevance of lymphatic system health and vagus nerve health in healing picture? 
  12. How much do we know about the personality/effect of the different mycotoxins that mould spores produce now and what key does this knowledge hold to getting folks better? 
  13. Can you tell us more about your upcoming launch? 

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