Show #238 – Elyse Comerford on Mood Food: The Connection Between Food and Health


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And on this week’s show!

Got gut troubles? Needing to be on a “different” diet to family or friends stressing you out? Experience anxiety and want to look at how food plays a role? This is a powerful show! The gut, stress and mental health – I invite Integrative nutritionist Elyse Comerford onto the show to discuss food and mental health but it’s not just an ‘eat this for anxiety’ show – we actually also discuss at length the impact that having to eat differently either due to allergy, health condition or healing protocol can have on our stress and hinder deep healing. Elyse is an Integrative Nutritionist & Certified GAPS(Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome) Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Exercise Scientist & Founder of Well Belly Health. 

Passionate about the implementation of nourishing & healing dietary principles, reducing client stress & the GAPS protocol, Elyse & her team at Well Belly Health have helped hundreds of families around the world overcome a host of health issues by focusing on listening to the body & tuning into what it needs. I hope you enjoy the show and it gives you good things to think about on your own journey. 

Questions I asked Elyse:

  1. Elyse’s background and how you came to specialise in the area that you do…
  2. Given we’re talking food and mental health/brain-related conditions today, I’d love your perspective as a clinician in this area for a long time now – how often is food the major player – maker or breaker – in someone’s mental health?
  3. What are some of the biggest reasons for this (from bio individual perspective to modern diet to modern weakening of our systems due to enviro/gut bug population hampered by antibiotics etc) 
  4. How big a role does our nervous system play in gut health (vagus nerve) and do you find it essential to treat both, not just the ‘gut issue’ for most people? 
  5. How can some foods be so beneficial to some people and to others act like kryptonite?  
  6. How do we ensure, when we’re on a healing journey, that food/diet obsessiveness and the negative impact this can have on us, don’t become an issue – the stress of having to ‘stick stringently to a particular way of eating’ can impact as badly as the offending foods/things we’re trying to avoid, right?
  7. Let’s look at a bit of a blueprint/roadmap for someone to gently start enquiring into food as something they need to change/work on
  8. Are there universal things that seem to work for a huge percentage of people when it comes to healing with the support of food changes? 
  9. GAPS – a diet you’re particularly passionate about and knowledgeable in – what do you feel makes this protocol so powerful? 
  10. Given GAPS reduces so many foods, are enzymes and gut bug populations not compromised over the long term? How do we build back up a diverse range of enzymes/variety of gut bugs to help us digest food? 
  11. Are there circumstances where you take a different road with people? Other protocols that have also been powerful? 
  12. If someone is experiencing fight or flight overload – finding it hard to calm down, feeling wired, what are some of your go to foods/meals for them? 
  13. What are the most important foods to avoid in terms of having them in your everyday life, if you might be prone to anxious feelings or a tendency to operate 
  14. in fight or flight right now? 

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To know more about Elyse Comerford and her work:

Find her on Instagram elysenutritionist and on Facebook.

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Comments 28

  1. Great informative info regarding fish oil. I’ve never had any luck with lessening my daughter’s bumps on her arms but it sounds like maybe we weren’t quite doing it right. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going!

  2. I’ve never tried cod liver oil but I’ve heard amazing things regarding how it helps the brain and body heal postpartum. My little one is 8 months old now and I’m still struggling with baby brain, would love to see if it could help! Thanks for another great show Alexx x

  3. Love love loved this show! I got so much out of it. Very grateful for you both.
    Would love to try out the fish oils along my healing gut journey

  4. I have heard wonderful things about Nordic Naturals but have never been able to try it. Would love a chance to try this with my family!

  5. Really enjoyed this episode! So helpful as my GP has suggested putting my 9-year-old on a FODMAP elimination diet and my mumma instinct says ‘No’. I’m concerned about making her food intolerances even worse and also providing an avenue for developing food phobias (hello reptilian brain ready to jump on any perceived danger and make a drama about it) . My daughter and I would love to try the Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil – especially for our dry and flaky skin.

  6. I would love to win this! I was diagnosed with osteoporosis not long ago and trying hard to reverse or stop this and I know vitamin D is critical to bone health!

  7. Cod liver oil. Sounds like something my great grandparents might have used. Those oldies are usually onto something…. interested to give it a try.

  8. Nordic fish oils are the only ones my kids and I will take. It becomes a familiar and welcome taste each morning!

  9. I have been hesitant to take fish oil tablets due to my concerns about mercury contamination in fish. So I am eager to hear about this alternative!

  10. Thank you Alexx for this show and guest speaker! Such good content and very topical for me at present.
    I would also love to try Nordic Naturals cod liver oil as I struggle with inflammation and it may help.

  11. Hi Alexx,

    I’m one of those peeps who watched Seaspiracy and immediately stopped eating all seafood! It’s great to hear there are still some lovely ethical companies in the fishing industry. I would love to try the Nordic Naturals fish oil.

    Have a lovely day.

  12. Really loved this episode, so helpful as someone who is currently undergoing big diet changes for my skin (Thanks Asha Evertz who I found on your show!) – Would love to try the Nordic Naturals to further support my journey

  13. Hi Alexx and LTL Team!
    Such beautiful timing to have this show come into my week and world – and my son’s world who has this week leant he has pyrroles disorder and is “annoyed” he has to make “another change” in food. Poor love. He’s already “so different”. A few gentle reframes and all round support required, including some amazing cod liver oil!
    As always, thank you. Love the work that you do X

  14. Thanks for the show, it was great timing, especially for my son whom I think will greatly benefit from fish oil.

  15. Thank you time and time again for incredible shows, it educates and empowers us so much.
    I would love to try Cod Liver Oil with Vit D. I have never tried fish oils due to the reputation of taste and sustainability. I am also due soon to get more Vit D, and am currently looking into better brands with transparency.

  16. Hello from a Reunionese Alex!

    Thank you for all your work! I came upon Low Tox life podcast by googling a topic as I have been trying to make my covid time “know more about thy health” time.
    I intend to try the nordic neutrals. How amazing to learn that something my mum used to force down my throat is backed up by good old science! And here I am trying to find the better type of Omega -3 oil to get to my son! I had given up on finding a good fish oil and we have started on a vegan one. After listening to you though, I am willing to give this brand a shot!

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