Show #239 – Amanda Gordon on Resilience, Boundaries, and Connection


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And on this week’s show!

In this show, I am thrilled to bring psychologist Amanda Gordon back after such a powerful show on grief last time she was here. Check out show 226 for a must-listen for all humans. Today we talk about resilience building, stress reduction, boundaries, have-to’s, and connection to others and our partners while we navigate the stickier points of partnership and equality. It is once again, a drink of common sense reminders that really do help move the needle in our modern lives, where we can easily disconnect from others and a sense of purpose. 

Questions I asked Amanda:

“Building resilience in a comfortable, convenient world yet that often feels harder and scarier than ever” is the theme of the conversation…

  1. What are some things that can erode our resilience as humans? (trauma/childhood situation/challenge/socioeconomic challenge/abuse/negative school experiences etc) 
  2. What are some of the best ways to bolster it? 
  3. (From those two questions alone, I feel I’ll probably dig into your answers and go deeper for a bit on those)
  4. How important is setting boundaries to our resilience? 
  5. How can we challenge ourselves in healthy ways, when everything is available to us and able to be done for us – I often wonder whether this has been a major player in the rise of anxiety and fear – not enough healthy tests of resilience/not enough having to be brave and “go for it”. 
  6. Let’s talk resilience in our relationships and perhaps resilient relationships – what are some of the key things in a relationship that contribute to its resilience and how much of it is down to good choosing/assessment of someone as our partner through to once deciding to have a crack at travelling through life together – how we might stand the tests of time? 
  7. As parents in this generation, it feels like we’ve never done more for our kids to try and give them the best possible start in life: How can we ensure that we don’t do too much for them and that they grow up resilient and capable? 
  8. Are there practical exercises, mantras, mental role plays, affirmations, or something else that you’d love to share for people to take into their week to up their resilience game? 

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