Show #247 – Dr Jill Bolte Taylor on Her Stroke of Insight and Whole Brain Living


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And on this week’s show!

This week continuing our brain series, I interview the legendary Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. You may have seen her Ted talk… or that time she was interviewed by Oprah – well, now, she’s finally made it to the true big time: The Low Tox Life podcast! Jokes aside, you simply must be bathed in Jill’s excitement for the human brain. Beyond her experience of a severe stroke and the 8 years till full recovery, Jill is passionate about helping us harness our brains to their full potential which includes learning the 4 characters that live inside our brains, and what it means to get to know them and what each of them needs, as well as helping us more effectively connect and communicate with those around us. So, thanks to a brain scientist losing the function of half of her brain, and having to rebuild it again, we are now able to gain more clarity about our brains than ever before. Come on this journey to learn about the left and right brains, our 4 characters of the brain, and start whole-brain living – it was such an uplifting and clarifying interview and I know you’ll love it. 

Questions I asked Jill:

  • You wake up with a pounding headache, jump on your cardio glider to start your day and try and shake it off but it gets worse. What happens next? (I want to refer people to your Ted talk to hear the full story so we can jump into some meaty brain topics and your work but however much you’d like to visit the day of your stroke, I leave to you!) 
  • 8 years of rehab to fully recover – rehab can bring so much fear, trauma, ego, shame but it seems from reading and hearing from you that we have the power to choose a positive and beautiful rehabilitation experience – did you have to willfully choose love and peace during rehab or was the experience of the stroke itself something that shaped the tone of your rehab? 
  • What is the best thing the entourage of a person coming through a traumatic experience, huge health event or crisis can do for them? What did you appreciate on your recovery journey? 
  • Did you ever desire to go ‘back’ to ‘normal’ or did you see your stroke as an opportunity for expansion and growth and a ‘new and better you/future’? 
  • What have some of the biggest personal changes been for you moving through the experience of stroke, recovery, and beyond? 
  • And how about publicly – obviously now being known to millions through your Ted talk, Oprah interview, and incredible books: What have been the biggest learnings and advantages in becoming a public figure? Any downsides or major adjustments? 
  • Now can we do some brain 101? 
  • Left brain/right brain: what’s the difference? 
  • What are some common misconceptions about our brains? Some myths that as a brain scientist you wish could be cleared up? 
  • When you can do those quizzes online that give you your percentage of how left/right brain you are – how much weight can we give to such things? 
  • Our thoughts: Are they who we are? 
  • What can you share with someone who feels that for whatever reason their brain is showering them with negative emotions and thoughts and they have no control over them? 
  • What is the power of what you call the ‘brain huddle’?
  • You talk about our 4 characters – 2 emotional and 2 thinking: Can you talk us through those? 
  • What do you hope to see more of in terms of flow into treatment, care, prevention, and education when it comes to what you study and teach and what is available to everyday people in medical treatment and public health conversations?

Other helpful links:

Her book ‘Whole Brain Living’ is available at the Book Depository and Booktopia

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And you can also grab her other book here: My Stroke of Insight

She’s also on Twitter and Facebook

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