Show #250 – Futuresteading: A Return To A Simpler Life with Jade Miles


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And on this week’s show!

What does living in awe and connection to the now while living for the future look like? It looks like Futuresteading, as described by author and farmer Jade Miles on today’s show and in her beautiful new book, Futuresteading. Jade Miles and husband Charlie Showers run Black Barn Farm, a biodiverse orchard, nursery, and workshop space in northeast Victoria which is a magnet for visitors to learn about permaculture, homesteading, as well as to pick-their-own from some of the 98 varieties of heritage fruit and berries.

Whether you live in a city apartment, in the suburbs, or on twenty acres, the principles of futuresteading offer easy-to-understand information and hands-on ideas. Learn to grow delicious food and medicinal plants; share rituals with loved ones through the seasons; feast on healthy home-cooked food for the family; nourish body and soul with outdoor expeditions and moments of rest, and create wonders with your hands.

Now doesn’t that sound lovely?

Questions I asked Jade:

  • Were you born on a farm or did you find your way to one as a sort of calling?
  • What are some of the everyday beauties you notice on your farm that you wish urban people were able to witness so they knew just how important it was that we change? 
  • Jade, you start your book with a series of diary excerpts from the horrendous bushfires that closed out 2019 and burnt on throughout the early parts of 2020 seemingly for a while there to no end: Why did you want to start your new book, Futuresteading there – what was it important for people to understand before the lovely recipes and guidelines for reconnecting us to our natural surrounds? 
  • What is Futuresteading? 
  • How does futureasteading hold space for all the contradictions of intent vs actuality? Knowing vs the longer journey of doing and practising?
  • You ask some piercing questions in the first few pages to basically help us take a long hard look at our lives. Questions like: What if we all acknowledged when we had enough, and shared the abundance with others? What if growing food was as celebrated as growing dollars? What if I replaced a new ‘thing’ with a new skill? And then a funny one that caught my eye “what if I ate nothing but my body weight in beans for a month” and then stating that your brother actually did this – I’m curious: Why and how did that go?
  • We hear startling facts that feel so removed from anything or way we could impact them, like a third of insects are endangered: Why is biodiversity under such threat and how do we play an active role in encouraging more of it – be us a city or regional dweller? 
  • Something I love that you mentioned is the issue of dwindling long termism/long term thinking, citing one tangible example in the gig economy. Why is this dwindling one of our biggest causes for concern right now? 
  • What are some of the biggest issues with food production – how the majority is grown, who is growing it, and how it’s getting to our plates? 
  • While I know you’re not one for stringent rules, definitions or protocols when it comes to sharing what futuresteading means, can you talk us through the 7 principles of Futuresteading you’ve been able to group the main themes into? 
  • If you had to choose just a couple of things for people to do from wherever they were this week- what would you love to invite people to explore first? 

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Her wonderful book “Futuresteading” is available at Booktopia and The Book Depository if you fancy grabbing one.

Find Jade on Insta @black_barn_farm and Facebook

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