Show #251 – Biodynamics and Dairy with Farmer, Rob Watson


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And on this week’s show!

Continuing our “connecting to source” series interviewing regenerative farmers, futuresteaders, urban farmers, and researchers, this week I interviewed Biodynamic Dairy farmer, Rob Watson, of Mungalli Creek in QLD. On Rob’s farm, you find rainforest, kangaroos, and cassowaries all around and if one of the cows is feeling a little unwell, you’ll commonly find them being treated with homeopathics or special essential oil blends – what a life! If you want to look at how Biodynamic dairy farming works, I ask for a lot of technical detail, including details about what makes biodynamic farming and soil special, medical care of the animals, calves, life, and death, and production of the products. I hope you enjoy the show and it inspires you to support your farmer.

Questions I asked Rob:

How does farming biodynamically differ from conventional dairy farming practices

  • Natural soil fertility vs pushing the soil beyond its biological limits
  • Pasture diversity vs an artificial monoculture
  • Feeding cattle a natural diet pasture vs grain and concentrates. GMO’s
  • Rotational grazing
  • Grazing vs feedlots and mixed rations.
  • Poisons, antibiotics, synthetic hormones. BD farmers work with nature whereas chemical farmers seem to be continuously fighting against it
  • Challenges and benefits of B.D farming

Is Biodynamic farming more sustainable both in the short and longer term?

  • What is sustainability
  • The many costs of chemical fertilizers, energy, and environmental costs, upsetting soil biology, cow health
  • Profitability and financial costs of current farming methods,
  • Farming sustainably well into the future
  • Family vs corporate farming

Is Biodynamic dairy better for you?

Some subjects I could discuss include

  • Dairy has received a bad rap, is it milk or the way it is produced?
  • The vitality of food
  • Supermarkets and the expectation of cheap food by the majority of consumers. Farmers take shortcuts to survive in a tough market
  • The hidden costs of cheap food.
  • Technology vs nature
  • Poisons hormones and antibiotics
  • Happy cows. Grazing vs feedlot
  • Excessive processing of food

Other helpful links:

More about Mungalli Biodynamic

Find them on Instagram @mungallicreek and on Facebook


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