Show #256 – A Children’s Health Hour of Power with Dr Natasha Beck


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And on this week’s show!

Do you have or care for kids? This is a great show with Dr Natasha Beck MPH, Psy. D and founder of Dr Organic Mommy, who passionately advocates for a cleaner world for our children, from the environment to the food we teach them to enjoy, we can make a big difference to children’s mental and physical wellbeing – and Natasha should know, she had ADHD as a kid on the standard American diet. We discuss sleep routines, boundaries, social interaction, environmental toxins, food, and how to be accountable to your child so they step into their own accountability too. I hope you enjoy the show.

Questions I asked Natasha:

  • What made you gravitate towards kids and their brains/behavior as you started thinking about work you might like to do in life, growing up?
  • Something we’re often told is that diet and lifestyle affects children’s behavior but can we go into some specific ways that play out for good/for not so good?
  • You mentioned you had ADHD as a kid – looking back, what do you wish your family knew, or you knew to support you better through that time? 
  • Do you still have it now? 
  • How much of the anxiety, ADHD can we actually change and what are some of the biggest drivers for that change in kids?
  • You’re pregnant with your 4th – what are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned as a parent that has helped you in the clinic that can’t be found in a textbook?
  • A lot of people are anxious right now about school transitions after months or a year of homeschooling – how can we smooth the transition?
  • What’s important for us as kids redevelop connections and play with each other in person again?
  • Emotional development – begins at birth, and more – can you step through emotionally what’s happening at different stages of childhood to develop into an adult brain?

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