Show #257 – Rebecca Poole on The Significance of Sensitivity


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And on this week’s show!

It’s time to talk about relationships – with ourselves, with others, as parents, as lovers. We’re going everywhere today in what feels like a very useful toe-dip into the subject that is sure to have a part two. Rebecca Poole has decades of experience looking after humans and helping them feel well but after a masters in Chinese Medicine and practicing overseas in China, and several successful years of practice back home, she wanted to go deeper. “Why do people experience these illnesses chronically? Why sometimes when someone changes jobs or relationships does their health nosedive or dramatically improve?” Today, she is a healer bringing all her tools to her clients through private practice and group learning and so if you’ve ever wanted to start doing the important work of leaning into your relationship with yourself and others, I can confidently say this show is a must listen.

Questions I asked Rebecca:

  • You started practitioner work on TCM before adding counselling to your arsenal to support patients… what did Chinese Medicine offer you as someone who wanted to support people’s health, that you didn’t see in the other options available to study? 
  • What is ‘energy’ to you when you think about people in general? 
  • What are some tiny ways we can affect the energy of others and them, us that we might feel on any given day? 
  • How can the energy that surrounds us rather than comes from us – moon, gravity, seasons etc – impact, dictate or perhaps the word is, influence, our personal energy, and what then flows between humans? 
  • What is the energetic aspect of relationships and why is it so important? And can we talk about professional relationships, kid/parent relationships, friendships, and romantic firstly for an overview? (perhaps we can even thread examples through these different questions when they apply, in addition to romantic examples?) 
  • What does it mean to be sensitive in a relationship and is this a good or bad thing? Is it the same as being vulnerable? 
  • How we can reawaken our sensitivity through honesty? 
  • Is there any point where it is the right thing to do, to hold back on what we’re really feeling/tell a white lie because we are aware of their sensitivity to something? 
  • How can “potential” trap us in a romantic relationship? (Do you mean here “I know he can be more understanding if he tries so I’m going to stay” type thing?) 
  • I’m going to stay with the word ‘trap’ here and move back to your other love – acupuncture – and I saw you practice Chakra-puncture – do you feel sometimes (or maybe it’s all the time) that when there are emotions trapped in a person, and they cannot speak what’s inside, that this needs to be addressed from a physical perspective as well for truly freeing the physical/emotional energy and creating honest energy exchange between people?

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Poole is a sought after teacher, presenter and clinician. She brings her enormous experience of over 18-years of clinical practice and over 20-years of meditation practice to the design and implementation of her courses. Rebecca is extremely passionate about sharing her understanding of energy, healing and the human condition, offering something of real substance to people. Rebecca holds a rare combination of qualities, being exceedingly practical at the same time as energetically aware. You will hear her talking about the truth of meditation and the energetic aspects of life from real experience and insight, not a wannabe talking about the “airy-fairy fluff” of life with no true understanding. In all endeavours Rebecca offers not only a wealth of experience, but enormous insight delivered in a naturally joyful, delightfully cheeky way. Health Healing Life is an online school that offers a re-igniting of your insight, wisdom and strength to live the truth of who you are… and bringing that to the world. Rebecca has supported many people to peel back the layers of stress, burden, compromise, and hurt, allowing them to reclaim a truly loving and all-knowing relationship with themselves.

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