Show #258 – Discovering the Power of Sophrology with Dominique Antiglio


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And on this week’s show!

Have you ever heard of sophrology? These 3 shows this month have us focusing on inner work and today I speak with Dominique Antiglio. Dominique is the world’s leading Sophrologist (a dynamic meditation specialist), author, and founder of BeSophro, a global Sophrology platform.

She specialises in stress management, anxiety reduction, and burn-out prevention, and studied under the founder of Sophrology – the late Dr. Alfonso Caycedo. We discover what Sophrology is – the endeavour of supporting people in finding a better state of harmony within themselves – consciousness, physical, mental – while we learn to live harmoniously in modern life. We even do a dynamic meditation exercise live on the show.

Questions I asked Dominique:

  • What led you to choose Osteopathy initially in the way you supported people’s health? And then how did Sophrology come into the picture? 
  • Can you tell us about the founder Professor Caycedo and how he developed it? 
  • Sophrology 101: What do we need to know to understand what it is and what dynamic meditation is? 
  • Is sophrology individualised for patient care/scenario or a system of exercises that benefit everyone? 
  • How does it different technically from other popular forms of meditation? Brain waves/limbic/amygdala response… happy for you to get a technical as you fancy here, the audience loves details and are quite literate in all things meditation/neuroscience. 
  • How can sophrology benefit common mental health challenges we see everywhere today: Anxiety/depression/ADHD/bipolar? (happy to talk specifically through each/case studies or patient anecdotes/stories. 
  • How can we cultivate an optimistic mindset, positive environment and approach (even when life feels like your brain working against you and wants to be down and negative) in work, life and socially?
  • We’ve had an interesting 17 months as a world and regardless of whether one is feeling we should have locked down/shouldn’t/ should have vaccine/shouldn’t the fact remains that this time is affecting us all: Many countries have lifted curfews and lockdowns, some are to and fro-ing if cases rise, not yet ready to peel back restrictions… It can be confusing energetically as a human: Why are so many of us suffering from re-entry anxiety (post-pandemic anxiety) and chronic stress, despite having ‘more time’ this past year – and what to do about it? How can we cultivate a sense of empowerment in an ever-evolving global situation? 
  • What’s an exercise we could all do today/now that would cultivate a peaceful, happy self? 

About Dominique:

Dominique Antiglio is the world’s leading Sophrologist (a dynamic meditation specialist), a best-selling author, and founder of BeSophro, a global Sophrology platform. 

She specialises in stress management, anxiety reduction, and burn-out prevention, and studied under the founder of Sophrology – the late Dr. Alfonso Caycedo. Her best-selling book The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology was the first widely published book on Sophrology in English and is now the leading authority on the subject. 

Her background in Osteopathy and her passion for the mind-body connection deepens her understanding of Sophrology and how to best use it to support people through challenging times. It remains her mission to spread the word about how the practice can benefit the world, with prominent figures like Arianna Huffington having publicly praised Dominique and her Sophrology work. 

Her work regularly features in the likes of The Guardian, Times, Daily Telegraph, Independent, BBC, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, and more.

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Her book “The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology” is available via Booktopia and The Book Depository.

Join her on Facebook and on Instagram @besophrolondon


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