Show #261 – Earth Detox with Julian Cribb


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And on this week’s show!

Journalist Julian Cribb, author of many books including his latest, Earth Detox, has spent a career asking the biggest of questions of where the human species and planet are headed and then answering them. In this show, we discuss the harmful effects of the desire to constantly grow, population boom and crash (and how that won’t be pretty!) pollution, environmental toxins, greenhouse gasses, agricultural inputs, and regenerative agriculture solutions – all things that if we deeply understand we can then put our best effort into solutions as a collective. I hope you find the show enlightening and helpful, while the facts shared are certainly hard to get ones’ head around.

Questions I asked Julian:

  • Were you always a kid who asked “why?” 
  • You’ve written some rather hefty books in terms of the answers you seek out to the world’s biggest problems today – food wars and famine, climate change… can you share a couple of things from books past that you wish every human knew? 
  • I was looking at your tweet feed the other day getting a feel for our impending conversation and loved that you shared a recent article I’d also read on the leading-nowhere-good endless economic growth model we’re all stuck in – I was keen to know if you had any thoughts on how we disrupt that system as peacefully as possible and transition to networks and closed loops and more localised economies again (no need to discuss in depth or for hours but it’s a subject for our times and when a guest is on with the wherewithal to speak to it, I love asking your take!) 
  • And Climate change… fossil fuel seems to have conveniently placed the burden on us with our personal responsibility and focus on straws and jackfruit, but they are still our biggest hindrance in the quest to stabilise climate and cap warming: Why is there so much resistance here? Is it just the money? Are leaders, both business and politics, that lacking in the creativity and smarts to successfully transition? 
  • Your latest book – Earth Detox certainly piqued my interest as someone who’s researched environmental toxins for the past 15 years and helped people make safer, smarter choices: Why did you want to lend your time to write this book – what is it you want to make sure people know? 
  • Where shall we start with some of the most concerning chemicals that have been created and unleashed into society? The ones we tend to know about these days in food and personal care/cleaning, or the lesser-known ones that pervade our homes through construction, or the environment through agriculture or mining or transportation? 
  • Why haven’t we had, as Europe tends to far more, a precautionary approach to new chemicals being integrated into daily life? 
  • Why have synergistic effects of chemicals all thrown into a formulation together, along with daughter chemicals and the breakdown products of chemicals not been studied widely enough? Explain perhaps how the dose does NOT make the poison, as it turns out…
  •  How is agriculture the source of the biggest poisoning of our planet? How can farmers move forward in a new way, in your opinion? 
  • So, how polluted are we today when we’re born? By the time we’re in our twilight years?
  • Is all of this toxicity dumbing us down? 
  • Does the earth detox start with our personal detox? 
  • What are some of the most effective ways to clean up this mess that we can all jump in and get involved with? 

About Julian Cribb:

Julian Cribb AM is an Australian author and science communicator. He is principal of Julian Cribb & Associates who provide international consultancy in the communication of science, agriculture, food, mining, energy and the environment.

He is a Fellow of the UK Royal Society for the Arts, the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) and the Australian National University Emeritus Faculty. He is a Member of the Order of Australia (AM).

His career includes appointments as scientific editor for The Australian newspaper, director of national awareness for CSIRO, editor of several newspaper including the National Farmer and Sunday Independent, member of numerous scientific boards
and advisory panels, and president of national professional bodies for agricultural journalism and science communication.

His published work includes over 9000 articles, 3000 science media releases and 12 books. He has received 32 awards for journalism. He was nominated for ACT Senior Australian of the Year in 2019. His is a co-founder of the Council for the Human

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Other Helpful Links:

Julian’s website:

Grab his book, The Earth Detox at the Book Depository and Booktopia.

Join him on Instagram @juliancribb


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