Show #263 – Disrupting Air Conditioning for a Healthier Planet with James Trevelyan


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And on this week’s show!

Professor James Trevelyan is an engineer with many accolades for inventions and innovations over the past 4 decades. From sheep shearing robots to landmine clearance technology to many things in between and now? Disrupting the air conditioning industry with something that cools people without cooking the planet – which is what, unfortunately, conventional air conditioning does. It’s exciting to have him on the show to discuss his innovation and share with the world how we can revolutionise our sleep in warm climates by cooling ourselves rather than every room in the house. I hope you enjoy the interview and if you want to cut straight to the Coolzy innovation, skip to 20mins in, but if you, like, me, enjoy hearing about how someone comes to be doing what they do today, I found it fascinating to discuss some of his key innovations over the years.

About James Trevelyan

In 2007, Professor James Trevelyan first invented the prototype for what would become the Close Comfort personal air conditioner. Over the next 6 years, James worked with his engineering students at the University of Western Australia to gradually develop and realise his dream of energy-efficient, localised air conditioning technology.

In the summer of 2013, Professor Trevelyan arrived at the foot of the Himalayas, to conduct tests in some of the hottest areas of Pakistan. Despite nightly indoor temperatures reaching 41°C (with 70-80% humidity) the results achieved actually exceeded expectations.

After 2 further years of market research and testing in different countries and climatic conditions, the first Close Comfort units went on sale to customers in 2016.

Since then, our company’s focus is on continued research and development to further improve and enhance the performance and experience of our personal air conditioning solutions.

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