Show #269 – The Playlist for Your Best Life with Dr Joseph Cardillo


Love our new show tune in the intro/outro? It’s talented Australian independent artist Melanie Horsnell’s song “Birds”. So proud to support this wonderful Aussie artist and have her grace the show with her wonderful words and song!

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And on this week’s show!

This week I interview Dr Joseph Cardillo on energy and how we can:

  • Increase serotonin
  • Ignite the limbic system
  • Improve your blood chemistry
  • Achieve better results
  • Change your physical feelings
  • Increase alertness
  • Change the frequency of our brainwaves

All by setting ourselves up with musical cues to support us in living our best lives and then? Layer additional cues over the top to amplify the effect of the music with other mediums. We also discuss autopilot vs intentionally living and how to support the raising of awareness required to tune into where we want to direct our lives. 

And I share a funny story about Ricky Martin and my friend Nicole! The gen-X kids like me will love this episode because we subconsciously knew it all along that mixtapes make life better! Enjoy the show!

Questions I asked Joseph:

  1. What contributed to your fascination with the mind-body connection and the desire to explore it and study it to help people? Did it start with you needing help or seeing it ‘out there’ and wanting to do something about it 
  2. A lot of people in modern times feel lacking in energy – beyond the metrics we might measure with adrenal health or leading a busy life with small children or a stressful job – is there something bigger at play with energy and feeling vital? 
  3. How can men and women tap into their unique energy messages to feel more vital? 
  4. In your book “Be Like Water” you talk about what we can learn from Martial arts – can you share some of the most impactful lessons to be learnt there? 
  5. Something else people struggle with a lot is attention and productivity – are we calibrated towards TOO MUCH productivity demanded of us in the modern age, or is it that our brains are suffering and cloudy? 
  6. What can be some of the biggest contributing factors to hinder/impact someone’s focus and attention negatively? And then positively? 
  7. Is multitasking really that bad? Social media? 
  8. How do you feel about the conversations and protocols currently surrounding ADHD – what is the evidence and research currently showing us about how to help our brains best? 
  9. Morning routines: Essential? How personalised and adaptable can we make them without losing the magic of having one? 
  10. What does a week look like for you personally to harness your energy and feel focused and deliver on your highest priorities? When a week goes pear-shaped and unexpected things pop up how do you mentally ensure that doesn’t become a failure story and then throw all great practices out the window, and instead refocus and jump back in with the best way to serve your energy/focus? 

About Dr. Joseph Cardillo:

Joseph Cardillo, PhD, is a national leader in holistic healthcare. He is the best-selling author of several books in the fields of health, mind-body-spirit, and psychology. His books include The 12 Rules of Attention: How to Avoid Screw-ups, Free Up Headspace, Do More and Be More at Work; Body Intelligence: Harness Your Body’s Energies for Your Best Life; Your Playlist Can Change Your Life; Can I Have Your Attention: How to Think Fast, Find Your Focus and Sharpen Your Concentration; and the body energy classic, Be Like Water. In addition, he has co-written books for Harvard Health Publications.

Dr. Cardillo is an expert in Attention TrainingTM, mind-body philosophy, and creative thinking and has taught his methods to over 20,000 students at various institutions. His books have been translated into twelve languages. He holds a PhD in holistic psychology and mind-body-medicine. He is a regular contributor to Psychology Today and writes a health column for Live Happy magazine. Feature articles on Dr. Cardillo’s work have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, The Hollywood Reporter, Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Post, The Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, REBOUND (The Official Publication of the
National Basketball Retired Players Association), Family Circle, Women’s Health.Com, Curve, Fitness Magazine, Natural Health, TheTodayShow.Com, Psych Central, Natural Awakenings, and

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