Show #279 – Kylie Butler On Confronting And Moving Beyond Addiction


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And on this week’s show!

Trigger warning: Today’s show is about addiction and my guest, Kylie Butler, coming through addiction herself as an alcoholic and moving through and beyond it to support others. Kylie is a career and recovery coach after many years in corporate prior to her facing her addiction. She takes us through what the addiction spectrum looks like, how what you thought was happy might not have been, paving the way for addiction to develop, how to navigate recovery and relapse to truly get the support you need to thrive beyond addiction. It’s a powerful show for those who need this in their lives right now. 

Questions I asked Kylie:

  • Your passion for supporting people in moving beyond addiction is a personal one. Let’s start there. 
  • Something not talked about enough over the past two years is just how much the pandemic has driven an already prevalent mental health crisis and given dramatic rise to addiction and depression? Can you talk us through some stats? 
  • What is addiction & what makes someone an alcoholic or addict?
  • Let’s talk specifically about alcohol: How does alcohol impact the body and mind – the true effects? Short and long term? Deficiencies that creep up as our liver becomes weaker? Neurotransmitter signalling damage, no doubt (that might have already been there prior and contributed to the addiction? 
  • What is a “high functioning alcoholic?” and how do people hide this serious problem?
  • What are some of the risk factors that hint we might need to have addiction on our radars either as family, friends, or for ourselves (risk factors such as ADD, or seeing people brush off concern or get defensive, habits suddenly change, desire to do favourite things falls away, etc…) 
  • In those moments, how can we more effectively support the people we love or ourselves if we know we’re slipping somewhere worrying? 
  • How can one recover (without going to an inpatient facility)? And when might an inpatient facility be called for? Is there a difference? 
  • How can we move beyond addictions? I remember when my husband and I quit smoking back in 2005, he replaced his habit with a mountain biking habit. Is replacing addictions with a more positive passion a good thing to try and do? Other things? 

About Kylie Butler

Kylie is the host of the popular podcast, A Meaningful Life by Design, Founder of From Here On, Inspired EVP, and A Meaningful Life by Design. She is an Entrepreneur, Career and Recovery Coach. and former People & Culture Leader of 15 years.  She has lived and worked across the globe in London, Rome, Sydney, and more recently Byron Bay and Bali. Kylie has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Women’s Health & Fitness among other publications.

Her broader message — that a meaningful life is built on living within your values and bringing your unique gifts to the world through an inspired career has motivated women across the globe to transform their careers and build lives they truly love.

Her deep desire to share a more specific message – we can recover, there is no one way that is right for everyone but with an understanding of complex trauma the neuroscience of addiction, Recovery Coaching, support of fellowships, and a holistic approach it is possible to thrive after suffering the darkest of addictions.

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