Show #300 – Maggie Dent on Girlhood


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And on this week’s show!

Raising or caring for young girls? Today’s show is for you as is Maggie Dent’s latest book, Girlhood. We discuss the things grown women learn about their challenges and negative patterns when looking back at their own childhood, as well as raising girls in this busy, modern and tech-fueled world. Maggie, the queen of common sense parenting is back on the show and if you missed her first two shows with us and you’re a parent or carer you must go back for a listen – shows 115 and 243. She has written a number of best selling books on parenting and education, holds and speaks at events in Australia, and appears on radio and television regularly, off the back of a multi-passionate career in education, counselling, retreat-holding and authoring books.

Questions I asked Maggie:

  • Tell me about the girls in your life that fuelled your desire to write a girl-focused book.
  • You used to run retreats for women – what came from those retreats that showed the stories they were telling themselves were born in their childhood?
  • What does the research tell us about girls when it comes to some of the challenges they’re experiencing in today’s world?
  • You’re focused in the book on the pre-birth to 10 window – did you feel that was underrepresented in terms of guidance that parents were seeking? And it turns out that even younger than ten, by six, people have formed many parts of their character and self identity?

About Maggie Dent

Maggie Dent is an Australian parenting author, educator and speaker. She has written a number of best selling books, holds and speaks at events in Australia, and appears on radio and television – and she’s appeared on the Low Tox Life podcast – shows #115 talking about raising boys and #243 where we did a parental hour of power focused on kids feeling comfortable in their skin resilience and competition growing up. She is the host of the ABC’s Parental As Anything podcast.

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You can purchase her book Girlhood via Booktopia AU or The Book Depository.

You can find Maggie on Insta @maggiedentauthor and on Facebook.



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