Show #316 – Erin Lovell Verinder: Herbal Medicine And Detoxification, A Holistic Approach


New music for the show, by LIOR.

We have a new tune for our show to welcome the new year! An old friend of mine from uni happens to be one of Australia’s finest artists, Lior, and as I love supporting local artists and it’s been brilliant having Melanie Horsnell’s music on the show the past couple of years, for 2023/24 it will be Lior. You will hear excerpts from his track “Caught Up”  – go check it out on iTunes or Spotify if you want to hear the whole song or album, Scattered Reflections. Co-written with Cameron Deyell, it’s a great song and I love the reflective energy of it – perfect for the show, right? Enjoy. Lior is always touring, so do check out his website. It is wonderful to hear him sing live, trust me.

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And on this week’s show!

When we think detoxification these days, we often think quite mechanically about purging, killing things (mould/parasites), intensive programs, expensive labs et al, and while there is a time and place for all of it and it’s a bio-individual need, nutritionist and herbal medicine practitioner Erin Lovell Verinder wants us to explore what a day by day, bit by bit approach looks like by exploring the magnificent plants that help us detoxify and eliminate every day as well as the ways in which we might need to up the ante from time to time. We discuss her 3 x desert Island plants as a herbalist, how important the mindset around health is, the different ways in which we can become empowered by plants-as-medicine and incorporate them safely into our day to day.

Questions I asked Erin

  • In all the ways one can support another human’s health – what led you to herbal medicine? 
  • We have a tendency to think “take this for that, and this is how much” type of mechanical approach in so many aspects of modern health, allopathic but also complementary – your appreciation for herbs runs far deeper than dosages and effects – what do you think herbal medicine is an invitation towards? 
  • Do you have a ‘take 3 on my desert Island” herb list? Why those? 
  • Detoxification – how do you feel when someone says “that’s what my liver’s for, I don’t need to do a detox”? 
  • Can we have a quick 101 on how our bodies detoxify via various avenues and some of the obstructions/burdens that can develop over time? 
  • SO safe to say that depending on a particular organ(s) that might be stressed, or a particular heavy metal levels that might be too high, preconception phase, pathogen/biotoxin exposure, detoxification needs a personalised, targeted approach actually to achieve the goal?
  • What are some of the best herbs for various types of detoxification? 
  • What are some of the considerations to look out for from individual to individual when it comes to selecting herbs that suits the bioindividual needs/challenges?
  • Can we safely buy herbs – liquid or pills on the internet and just get going? What are some reasons to research/see a practitioner before diving in? (if we can talk quality/sourcing standards, practitioner dosages vs over the counter, and genetic/organ-stress considerations why a herb might be good for one/not for the next person) 
  • Why would one do a single herb over a blended formula and vice versa? 
  • I know you’re passionate about people feeling connected to herbs in their every day, thus tea being an obvious and easy way to be in the natural world feeling its benefits – what are some of your favourite herbs to go into a gentle every day detoxification support blend?

About Erin Lovell Verinder

Erin Lovell Verinder is an Australian trained Herbalist, Nutritionist and Author of two well loved plant medicine titles, Plants for the People and The Plant Clinic and the newly released card deck, The Plant Portal. Erins work is to reconnect the people with the plants! Walking the plant path, she is a woman in tune with the natural world. On a full hearted mission to educate and inspire others to heal with the rhythms of nature, through the bounty of plant medicine. Erin runs a thriving clinical practice, alongside mentoring students and emerging practitioners, she teaches the love language of the plants within her communities and writes from the wild green island of Tasmania.

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