Show #365 Yemi Penn: Exploring How to Clean Up “Dirty Trauma” – Personally, Culturally and Racially


About this show:

Trauma – a buzz word, lots of awareness around it, solutions coming at us from all angles these days. Perhaps rather than being a ‘trend topic’ it’s actually a realisation happening globally that there is a lot of work to do if we want to stop repeating history on personal, cultural and global levels and start experiencing and creating more peace. 


But how do we: 

  • Stop being at war and be of service and in gratitude? 
  • Navigate out of the safe, small worlds we often create to protect ourselves when we’ve been traumatised and live large? 
  • Stop our stories torturing us or eating away at our creativity and bravery
  • Get risky enough to have tough conversations personally, professionally, politically, and culturally, to break toxic patterns and ‘dirty trauma’ as Yemi puts it. 
  • Go deeper into understanding trauma and the perception of it or the definition of it changes around the world. 
  • Make peace with dark pasts
  • Get men to feel safe evolving beyond their traumas when so often they’re told ‘chin up, don’t be a wus!’ 


Yemi Penn has made it her life’s work to muck in and be a part of the many potential solutions through her work as an author, filmmaker, speaker and PhD candidate – a woman wired for impact. We have a brave conversation today about trauma – personal trauma that different people might experience or hear about people close to them experiencing, but also cultural trauma, political trauma, the difference between men and women in trauma and what we know, and how we might work to break trauma lines in a variety of ways. 


It’s a conversation with questions, ideas, suggestions and exploration, not one with answers and blueprints and rigid opinions or beliefs. 


We dance in the grey area. Join us! 


You can connect with Yemi or know more about her work on the following platforms;



Visit her website for awesome, helpful freebies!


Her book Did You Get The Memo? Is also out now and her Ted Talk is a must. Certainly a must-read for those who feel their lives have taken an unexpected turn and have been left questioning everything! Yemi shares tips, tools and mindset hacks to rip up the memo and create the life you want.


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About Yemi Penn:

Yemi Penn on the Low Tox Life Podcast

(Speaker | Researcher | Engineer | Author | Filmmaker),Yemi Penn is a fearless businesswoman and thought leader on creating your own memo, meaning ‘she’ gets to write the script of her life and encourages others to do the same. An engineer by profession and entrepreneur by passion having run 3 successful businesses in the past. She is now researching the alchemy of transmuting pain to power with a strong desire to learn new ways of being whilst challenging the status quo. Yemi invites the collective to ignite their rebellious curiosity in all aspects of their life, sharing the tools to do just that. More recently Yemi has added documentary producer to her repertoire as she shifts her core life’s purpose to raising the vibration of acknowledging and healing our individual and therefore collective trauma, something individuals, communities and organisations alike have experienced over the past couple of years.

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