Show# 368 Dr Lewis Ehrlich: Is Dental Health a Part of Your Fertility Optimisation Work? 10 Reasons It Should Be


About this show:

If you’re in your fertility years, and you haven’t considered the health of your teeth and gums, today’s show with Dr Lewis Ehlrich helps you understand what the science is showing us about the link between those two things – we cover everything from:  

  • Tooth decay and gum disease and what they can tell a holistic dentist about what might be going on
  • How what’s in our saliva can be bad for our health because of how much we swallow each day
  • How bleeding when you floss can be a sign of fertility difficulties down the road
  • How the way you floss impacts the potential for gum disease
  • How men’s gum health is as important as women’s in preconception and the impact of sperm motility and even erectile dysfunction

And much more! 

It’s half an hour of power and given fertility is also a barometer for overall health, I welcome everyone to listen to this one to have renewed motivation for their oral health. 

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Alexx Stuart

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Instagram — @doctor.lewis

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Visit his website  to learn more or book an appointment with the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre.


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About Dr Lewis Ehrlich:


Dr Lewis Ehrlich is a highly sought after holistic dentist who graduated from James Cook University (JCU) with the Academic Medal. 

Lewis is the Honorary Dentist to the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) encompassing the Socceroos, Matilda’s, A-League, W-League and National Youth Teams. His role includes providing education to players, management and medical staff about the best ways to maintain oral health for improved health and performance outcomes.

With a background in professional sport and his passion for holistic health, Lewis focuses on the link between oral health and general overall health. His mission is to educate people to take control of their own health and prevent oral health disease and in-turn overall health diseases.

Before studying dentistry, he completed a Bachelor of Science at Northeastern University in Boston, USA after receiving a soccer scholarship where he played for 2 years. He then moved to Reykjavik, Iceland where he played professional soccer.

Lewis is passionate about the many links between oral and general health. He is a qualified fitness instructor and has a qualification in Holistic Health Coaching. He is also a member of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, and the American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics. He is an active participant in continuing education courses in all aspects of dentistry to ensure he remains at the cutting edge. 

Lewis is a dentist at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre where he is a valued member of the team. When he is not in the clinic attending to his patients’ oral and general health, he loves travelling, reading and keeping active.

Lewis is also a bone marrow donor and this is his proudest achievement.

Connect with Dr Lewis Ehrlich  on the following platforms:




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