Show #85: Dr Elisa Song on modern childhood epidemics


Hold onto your hats guys this is a BIG and LONG one. Elisa and I recorded both this conversation and another for our Low Tox Kids course in a 3 hour marathon from two sides of the Pacific Ocean. Dr Song is such a caring soul, and with her knowledge of both conventional and complementary medicine offers incredible support as we navigate the modern world with more kids having some sort of issue than not, these days. In this chat we discuss what the biggest challenges we face in children’s health are today, as well as some of the ways we can best support our children today. I hope you enjoy this important conversation and connect with Dr Elisa’s wonderful online resources. 

Here’s a little snapshot of the juicy bits in today’s episode…

  • By 2025, it is projected that 8 in 10 kids are going to have some sort of chronic condition. Auto-immune illnesses and autism in children are being diagnosed earlier and earlier and are growing at a concerning rate.
  • Conditions such as eczema and asthma are a sign that their immune system is not working well. Gut health is closely linked to the immune system so it’s a good place to start. Getting a detailed stools analysis to check the balance of bacteria and whether there are any parasites in the gut is important to find out how best to support a child’s microbiome.
  • If all you did was to look at your child’s diet, you could in most instances improve the health of your child by 85%. What may cause the issue could be lack of nutrients in the diet, too many inflammatory foods that the child is having, or too many toxins present in the diet. Taking kids off gluten and dairy is a great first step to see if any improvements take place.
  • Some important supplements to include in the diet which support gut health, immunity and help improve specific skin conditions: Omega 3 and 6 as well as Zinc which is an incredibly important mineral to heal any lining (skin or gut). Vitamin D is also essential. As a topical solution, Calendula helps with skin healing and homoeopathically diluted histamine can help greatly with the itching.
  • Asthma is also a very common conditions these days amongst children. Checking for food sensitivities is also the first step here. Magnesium is a great supplement to take as it relaxes the muscles. Mucus production can be combatted by removing dairy from the diet. Levels of glutathione are typically low in kids or adults with asthma and a quick way to build these levels back up is to take Epsom salts bath.
  • The first step to a resilient child is putting only the highest quality ingredients into and onto our children’s bodies. Prioritise what you feed your kids, include colourful fruit and vegetables and focus on organic as much as possible. Include good healthy fats and organic meats.
  • Keep out of their diet what’s not going to serve your children and will be detrimental to their health: processed foods, additives, preservatives, artificial flavours and dyes. Those foods are poison for your child’s brain and gut.
  • 80% of the neurotransmitters that support our brain are made in the gut lining. Fermented foods, probiotics and high quality nutrients are key to support good functioning gut.
  • Prioritising our lifestyle and slowing down is also a key part of building resilience in our children. Parents need to model that: prioritise time outside, in nature, prioritise sleep.
  • Emotions can be as much of a toxic stress as the other toxins we put into our body. Help your children manage their emotions instead of ignoring them.


And here are a few extra important resources:

You can find out more about Dr Elisa Song and her work on her website HERE or follow her on Facebook or Instagram

Recommended book:

“What to do when you worry too much” by Dawn Huebner

Acupressure points on the HAND and on the FEET here’s a diagram: 



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  1. Hi Alexx,

    Thanks for a really great show! I was interested to know if after making the changes in her own lifestyle, did Dr Elisa Songs ANA go back to negative? I have a holistic MD who didn’t make a big deal of my low positive, but personally I would prefer it to be negative , we already have one autoimmune in our immediate adult family. Obviously, we don’t want our girls to ever experience an autoimmune, so follow a lot of what was discussed.

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  2. Hi Alexx

    Thank you so much for making this important information so accessible.
    I’m really interested in the name of the specific probiotic strain Dr Song mentioned as being useful for eczema..I’ve listened to it a couple of times and can’t quite get it..

    Thank you and keep up the truly fabulous’s so important!

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  3. I thought I would be able to listen here on this site, but no. I am very disappointed about this.
    I could use my Itunes if my desktop was working, but right now it is not.
    I don’t have space on my older android device to download the apps that you mention. So, I listen to podcasts on websites or through YouTube or GooglePlay music podcasts.

  4. I really enjoyed the discussion on immunisation, a topic that is so hard to get a unbiased view on!

    What was the probiotic she mentioned to take as a precaution to eczema and asthma?

  5. I might have gotten more enjoyment, information and inspiration from this podcast than I did from the Queen B podcast – and that’s saying something. Really great show

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