Sticky Date Pudding

This sticky date pudding is not quite like others. It is gluten free and grain free. There are no refined sugars either, unlike the original that is loaded with brown sugar – which as it turns out is just white sugar with molasses added back in – go figure!? The fudge sauce has no cream in it! If you’re starting to be put off, don’t be. I put the challenge out to you last week: What should I create a better-treat version of next? There was a resounding cry for sticky date pudding through the virtual corridors of Facebook, so here we are.

Now, this is hardly a bowl of steamed green veg. When healthifying desserts, it’s about converting and modifying recipes to ensuring our body doesn’t go on a crazy insulin rollercoaster ride, nor does it give our digestive system a hammering with refined ingredients and the additives often found in packaged ultra-processed foods.

You can easily keep leftovers in the freezer – hahahaha. Leftovers.

And there you have it. You MUST send me your pics.

For all those wondering why we have to stop using white flour and sugar? Well, basically they just fill, bloat and addict us. There’s nothing positive gained other than the taste. Everything else is negative. With real food baking, you get nourishment from all the ingredients in the recipe, and they’re delicious, and you actually get full and satisfied because despite being yummy, they’re actually nourishing – and that just kind of seems to make perfectly delicious sense, doesn’t it!?

Real treats. Happy bodies.

Sticky Date Pudding Recipe


For the sauce

  • 3 tbsp rice or maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp blackstrap molasses (if you have it, it adds a delicious richness to the sauce . otherwise, just increase your rice / maple to 4 tbsp)
  • 160 ml coconut cream
  • 100 g salted butter


  • Pre heat oven to 180C / 350F and line either individual ramekins or a loaf tin at the base, and then butter or coconut oil smeared round the sides.
  • Soak the dates and chia seeds with the water and bicarb soda for 5 minutes.
  • Blitz butter, coconut oil, rice or maple syrup and all the date / chia / water mixture either in a mixing bowl for 20-30 seconds, a food processor until well combined or a thermomix on speed 6, 10 seconds.
  • Then add eggs, vanilla, flours and baking powder and further process until well combined.
  • Finally fold in the few little bits of chopped date for some treasured surprise chunks in the final pudding!
  • Pour into loaf tin or ramekins and bake for 25-50minutes depending on vessel size – muffin tins / ramekins will take far less time than a whole loaf tin for example. If you're doing it as a loaf it will be closer to the 45mins time but check to see if the skewer comes clean at 30 mins. If it does. You’re done. For muffin minis check at 20 minutes.
  • Take out and run a knife around sides and turn over loaf / individual puddings onto cooling tray. Time to make the sauce!
  • Put the butter, coconut cream and syrups into wide frying pan – Better than a saucepan for a nice, thick sauce result.
  • Simmer and bubble lightly on medium heat for about 5-7 minutes until a little thickened.
  • Thermomix note: you can cook your fudge sauce by putting the 4 ingredients in and cooking on speed 4, 7 minutes, varoma temp. I just like being able to see my caramel forming and take it off at the moment I like. Up to you and how much other stuff you’re trying to get done.
  • To serve, cut slices, or serve individual puddings on plate and drizzle syrup over the top. Serve with whole yoghurt, creme fraiche, double cream or coconut cream on top and enjoy!



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  1. leftovers, ha! Nice. So, this is the recipe that’s gonna make me buy coconut and buckwheat flours…where do I get them??

    1. Post

      yay Hannah! I’m so excited for you 🙂 You can pop into any health food shop, or if you’re in America, Amazon, Wholefoods Market, trader joe’s or life thyme, or if you’re in Australia, Organics on a Have fun and enjoy! Alexx x

    1. Post

      I know how you feel! I have dessert ‘backed up’ in our fridge / cupboard at the moment and have to distribute otherwise it’ll distribute on my hips! hehe 🙂

  2. A friend brought around Sticky Date on the weekend for a gathering at ours, and most of the kids didn’t like it. Too sweet they said! This one look perfect.

  3. Hi Alexx,
    I made your sticky date pudding tonight. Delicious!!! My kids loved it. Thank you so very much for making this so much better for us.
    Jo xx

    1. Post

      Oh yay! That’s wonderful Jo. Thanks for taking the time to say and it is an absolute pleasure creating healthy treats for us all 🙂

  4. It’s my husbands birthday Alexx & his favourite pudding of all time is sticky date pudding! Something I had pretty much banned from the house given the gluten & sugar content. I made your recipe tonight and OMG it was soooo good. Not only because it tasted great, but because it pretty much made my husbands birthday : ).. Just had to share, thank you for the inspiration! I’ll be rolling it out again for sure

  5. It’s my husbands birthday Alexx & his favourite pudding of all time is sticky date pudding! Something I had pretty much banned from the house given the gluten & sugar content. I made your recipe tonight and OMG it was soooo good. Not only because it tasted great, but because it pretty much made my husbands birthday : ).. Just had to share, thank you for the inspiration! I’ll be rolling it out again for sure

    1. Post

      Kate! Thanks so much for the lovely words. I am so excited that this version passed the test and made the hubby’s birthday. It is such a pleasure creating these recipes, but extra lovely when someone writes in to say they loved it, so thank you x

  6. Oh Alexx, you have outdone yourself with this one! SO SO SO good. We made it with 100% coconut flour and it just worked so well. Thank you! We featured it in Episode 21 of our Thermomix podcast.

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  7. Wow! this sticky date pudding was absolutely delicious!! I wasn’t expecting such a light fluffy consistency and you wouldn’t have even known it was a healthier version! Will definitely make this one again – thank you 🙂

  8. Wow! This was amazing! Made yesterday for my son’s 18th (a small celebration as he is in the middle of HSC Exams), he requested Sticky Date Pudding (which I haven’t attempted since my Coeliac diagnosis). He is usually not keen on my attempts at Gluten free Desserts and cakes, but this went down perfectly. He said the sauce was “perfect and delicious”.

    The best thing about this recipe is that it is healthy enough that it doesn’t need to be kept for Special Occasions! Thank you Alex, this made the best birthday possible: English exams over and a perfect Sticky Date Pudding!

    1. Post

      Oh I am so glad you liked it. It’s been ages since I’ve made that one and I should too. Happy celebrations and I’m glad I was able to contribute in the virtual sense. Yay xx

  9. Hi Alexx – any alternatives you can think of for the butter in the sauce? I’m hosting a friend who can only tolerate small amount of dairy. Thanks in advance… I love your recipes x

    1. Post

      Hi Tana, I’d just use coconut cream and the maple and add a little more coconut cream and cook it down for a little longer. Will be delicious x

    1. Post

      Hi Sharyn, coconut sugar no probs for the syrup but for the cake, definitely texture and taste benefits from the ratios used x

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  10. Hi Alexx,
    I’m going to make this tomorrow for my Nan’s 98th birthday! Thinking I might add a little ginger, and top with apple like your hazelnut apple cake. Love your recipes, they always go down a treat and feel so nourishing 🙂

  11. Just made this for the first time. It was so good! Thanks for another yummy recipe that nourishes my family. However, although the sauce was delicious, it split. Any ideas why? Please keep your recipes coming, I’ve made loads and loved them all!

  12. Made this yesterday as a trial run for the real thing – my girls are making it for their grandpa’s b’day and it’s one of his favourites. This was very, very moorish and the sauce was sooooo delicious. So easy to make in the thermomix too. Thanks for another fantastic recipe Alexx!

  13. Hi Alexx

    When you say butter, coconut oil do you mean both or one or the other for the dairy free option… I ask because coconut oil isn’t listed in the ingredients. Thanks so much xxx

    1. I have this recipe saved from ages ago and it has 50g butter and 50g coconut oil (but can use 100g butter) as well as the coconut flour.

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