Sticky Sweet Tamari Meatballs

Mince is such a brilliant way to get mileage out of your pasture raised, ethical meat budget and absolutely brilliant for batch cooking. See note at the bottom on batching and freezing these and enjoy! It’s very uncool for a cook *(at least in the French culture I was brought up in) to praise their own food, but wow, these really are delicious. Ok there, I said it.

Voila. So easy and delicious. A great one for involving the kids if you have little ones. Can’t wait to hear how you enjoyed them.

Real Food. Happy Bodies

 Extra notes:

There is no way you’re making enough just for one sitting. If you have a big family or are a busy person, double this batch and freeze the mix either solid or in balls ready to go. Be sure to press parchment paper down over the surface to avoid air getting in contact with the frozen meat. This will stop freezer burn!

Why not regular supermarket pork? Factory farmed pork meat is not only cruel to the animals, but there are more toxins in the fat of these animals from the antibiotics and unnatural diet they’re fed – which largely consists of genetically modified soy and corn. We won’t be needing any of that neither for ourselves nor our conscience, so get thee to an ethical butcher pronto! You’ll taste the difference and never look back. Promise. If you’re Sydney based, mine is GRUB, who deliver widely and are so very passionate about ethical farming)

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  1. Delicious Alexx – thank you. I couldn’t get the sauce to go sticky though… I ended up taking the meatballs out, turning the heat up to try to reduce the sauce but ended up adding a bit of cornflour so that the sauce would coat the meatballs. Any advice? I think I’ll try adding a bit of ginger next time too 🙂

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      You’re so welcome Caz. Bizarre re the sauce. Only thing I can think is the pan not wide enough for reduction within the 10-15 minutes. Next time do an extra tablespoon of syrup and teaspoon tamari in the poaching liquid. Agreed – ginger would be superb!

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  2. Hi Alexx
    Love this recipe! Do you think it would work if you baked it in a baking dish with the poaching liquid? I might try this with chicken thigh.

    Also do you still sell the fresh organic garlic?

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