Delicious and simple sugar free tomato sauce

Why does the world need to make it’s own tomato sauce I hear you ask? Big brand, non organic tomato sauce is not ideal. It is in fact, a disaster. High fructose corn syrup – GM corn & liver damaging high fructose, GM vinegar, natural flavouring – code name MSG. Rather than beat yourself up about the bottle in the fridge, how about just tossing it away and getting excited about the options. You could of course find a glass jar based organic tomato sauce, or you could whip up this one below. So easy. Literally 5-10 minutes. Double or triple the batch and freeze in little jars to keep fresh.

high fructose corn syrup… the less than desirable commercial ingredient list. Be gone!

Make it. Jar it in small jars and defrost as needed. There aren’t any nasty preservatives and refined sugars in here, so it will not last an eternity like ketchup does. I always like to think though, that the longer the shelf life, the shorter yours, so onwards and upwards with a good stock rotation. If you’ve bought sausages, defrost a little jar. Simple.

Enjoy this Real Food version of tomato sauce.

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

Simple Sugar Free Tomato Sauce Recipe



  • Pop it all in a pan. Simmer for 10 minutes together to bring the natural sugars in the tomatoes out, and then pop into jars. It’s actually that simple. You could add sa pinch of paprika or turmeric. You could blitz 2 tablespoons of herbs and a clove of garlic to give a bigger flavour, but sometimes, a simple smooth sauce is just the thing that’s called for – especially when trying to wean kids!

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