That look on your face when…

When you realise you can do it! Me and my little guy are similar in the way that if we don’t find something easy first go, we have to work pretty hard not to be stroppy and rise to the task.

This week, we both had moments. Lil’ guy showed interest for the first time, in sliding down the pole at the park and you could see him starting to think what it might be like to slide down to the ground – I could also see the fear. He reached out to it with his hands, without jumping across to wrap his legs around and I had to do everything I could to not yelp in fear. All of a sudden, he’d jumped and slid down & the look of accomplishment on his precious little face was the most amazing thing I’d seen I think, ever. It was a big deal – a confidence builder. He acted almost fearless for the whole rest of the day & I am so proud of him overcoming that fear.

My fear overcoming moment was that I was asked to come talk to the good people at Transition Bondi. They’re a community group passionate about sustainability and permaculture who hold meet ups on Wednesday nights. To actually get up, open my mouth and start talking to people on the Real Food / Low Tox life, without the safety of a computer screen, well, I was really quite nervous – would I remember all I’ve learnt? Are they just going to know this stuff anyway? I speak publicly at least 2-3 times a month in my corporate events biz, but this was different. This held the potential for me making a real difference for our planet and people (enter my Ted Talk dream here!). You see, 30 people isn’t just 30 people. Being a commercially minded person by nature and a qualified trainer, I saw it as a huge train the trainer opportunity. I had to pass on the passion to the point where people would spread the word and tell their friends. I have to get these people to be ambassadors. So, tummy in knots, I got up there, and my ’20 minute talk’ turned into an epic 1.5 hours. They clapped and I was hugged by several strangers – that was new and I liked it! I was so filled with joy to have made an impact. A naturopath with 150+ clients now knows about the dangers of fluoride & teflon coated dental floss, baking trays and irons, and is going to be telling everyone. That, to me is an amazing 1.5 hours work on my part if you think about it. So, fear overcome and now I just want to get out there and tell more people.

So if there’s something that you’re dying to try but you’ve got an annoying and fearful mind block in the way, politely tell it to ‘move on’ and hop to it. You CAN do it, and when you do, it will feel awesome.

I believe that those who overcome the fear will reap sweet rewards of all kinds.

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for your support. It means more than you know,

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