The Mexican Stack

This is such a forgiving and easy meal to whip up. You can change up the accompaniments depending on what you have, or any allergies. It’s as easy to impress kids with and get them involved, as it is to create a flamboyant presentation of it on a large platter for a casual summer dinner with friends. I suggest making 2 or 3 times the mince portion of the recipe, so that you can freeze it and use for the busy week emergency meals later.

Hope you enjoy. It’s one of my favourite comfort meals. So easy. So bright. Less than $5 per person.

Real Food. Happy Bodies xx

The Mexican Stack Recipe



  • To make the mince, brown the onion and mince together in the oil with the spices. Add tomato tin, salt and stock and simmer down on low heat, with the lid off until it’s a luscious, thick and rich mince, adding the coriander at the end and stirring through once or twice. This takes usually about an hour. It’s great to do this the day before, while you’ve got something else on the go, as it’s so easy. Then you can serve it the next day and make a ‘cook free dinner’. Let’s face it – these things always taste better the next day with all that time for the flavours to infuse.
  • Then, to serve basically all you have to do, is build the stack of your choice. Grate the cheese, cut up the avocado, dice the tomato… whatever you’re adding from the list. The lime really makes the flavours pop, so I’d suggest leaving that in for sure, to squeeze over the dish as you serve it.
  • CHICKEN VARIATION: Cut slivers of breast and tenderloin. Blend the onion, spices, coriander and tomato to make a sauce and fry off for 20 minutes in 2 tablespoons macadamia or coconut oil. Add 1/2 cup chicken or veggie stock also. Then, fry the chicken pieces in it for 10 minutes. Done. Delicious. THERMOMIXERS can blend the sauce in the TM but I urge you to allow for caramelisation that comes from doing this in a frying pan. Very, very yummy!


Use what you have. All of them, 6, 4… (as long as you have 4 or more of anything below in the cupboard / fridge, you can make a ‘stack’)
- gruyère cheese, grated (i use gruyère if I’m using cheese, because it’s a raw milk cheese and unprocessed. a good quality mild cheddar is fine if you can’t get it or if you’re non dairy, go for some nutritional yeast flakes. They’ve a fab cheesy taste and are great to sprinkle on top and add B vitamins)
- avocado
- ripe grape / cherry tomatoes
- fresh coriander
- soaked and cooked red kidney beans which you can read about here / refried bean purée (Amy’s Organic , an American brand is BPA and additive free)
- fresh lime
- raw corn, chopped off the cob
- thinly sliced purple onion
- baby cos lettuce, fine chopped
- organic corn chips – make sure they’re made with NON hydrogenated oil to avoid trans fats. I scrunch up a few and sprinkle onto each plate for crunch, literally 6-8 chips per person, yet still giving hubby and son the feeling of the carb treat. hehe. *they’ll never know*
- Smoked chipotle tabasco – It’s awesome. Grown ups only.
- Mild, large red chili


Mexican Beef Mince

Here it is done with leftover roast chicken in the onion / spices, instead of mince. I always serve the cheese and chippies to the side, as I prefer the straight version with just a couple of chips and hubby can go nuts and enjoy the extras as he loves them!

mexican stack chicken

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