The power of a manifesto

I learnt something this week.

My inspiration came from the travel of my Real Food manifesto, created on World food day. If you didn’t catch it, I’ve had a wonderful designer make it just perfect for us, after my lil’ home powerpoint job on the original. What do you think?

Little did I know when I posted it and asked the question on facebook to my tiny little community of then 290 people “How far do you think we can make this go around the world?”, what would happen.

5,000 shares later and a total reach of 960,000 people… I was blown away by the round the world trip it has, and still is, taking.


Some of the comments as people shared the manifesto

“Who did you share a meal with tonight?

Join the revolution!

Powerful thoughts! let’s put them into practice!

Food for thought for Monday Morning 🙂

This is awesome. Come on everyone! We CAN make a difference!

Manifest pentru mancarea adevarata! Si, adaugam noi, pentru sucul de mere adevarat! 🙂

Let’s all start now!

We’ve been making these kind of changes with our food over the last few weeks. I just can’t wait to start growing our own veges! 🙂

The power of a manifesto. have you written one for your biz purpose & passion?

Following these rules would prevent a lot of chronic disease!


Beautiful! I love the line “celebrate food together” and “cook from the ♥”! YES! YES! YES!

Spread the word! Live the message!

I’m all for getting this message out to the world…

Bitte unbedingt teilen! Das geht die ganze Welt was an!

Come comida de VERDAD!!!

‎”Real food manifesto” au Liban!

Being healthy is not complicated. Some simple rules to follow here. Pass it on!

Yeah! We agree!”

The world wants change and people want to spread positive, uplifting and powerful thoughts. There’s a lot of degenerative disease, a lot of processed food, and we’re putting 2 and 2 together. People no longer want to wait for the change to come from the top – mostly, because there’s no guarantee that the powers that be will ever be able to put aside their vested interests, grow some balls, and be real leaders. So, as the shares escalated, so did my faith in the power of the collective. The change we effect can be done from our shopping baskets and gardens – even if you just grow a couple of fresh herbs! It can be and should be rewarding and fun. It is able to be achieved, even in our crazy, modern and fast world – all sorts of clever ideas helping to make that happen, like this one from The Farmery. Love it.

On a manifesto note, if you’re a fan of them in general, you must check out Striking Truths. Created by a good friend who happens to be an amazon best seller, using the words of the most powerful and inspiring thinkers from all walks of life, as well as her own to inspire with a daily manifesto.

Taking the time to think about what we want to manifest is so important. Do it daily on a microscopic level and pretty soon we’ll all be achieving incredible things!


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      Wonder where I got the idea to do a manifesto then, B. Thanks for your inspiration too, showing me the power of a ‘truth’ x

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