There’s WHAT in my ice cream?

Ice cream. Our god given right to enjoy and delight in, right?

As with everything these days, it’s best to read the ingredients before you indulge, because it might shock you to know that the average supermarket ice cream is a frozen chemical poop storm – and sadly, i’m not exaggerating. If you think you can trust luxury ice creams, sadly some of the most beloved, iconic ice creams are still using loads of additives in the manufacturing process, because one simply must, to create a long lasting, non icey, not-too-hard, flavour punch packed, commercial ice cream – apparently!

Real ice cream with eggs, cream and sugar consumed every now and then is the least of the world’s trouble,  when you look at a few things you might find in modern, commercial ice cream. I’ve taken this list directly from Nourishing Traditions, page 551, and the book’s information on this came from the PPNF Health journal. Check out these terrors:

  • Diethylglycol – A cheap chemical used as an emulsifier instead of eggs and is the same stuff used in anti freeze and paint remover – yum! NOT.
  • Piperonal – A vanilla substitute which is also a chemical used to treat lice
  • Aldehyde C-17 – Used to flavour cherry ice cream. It’s an inflammable liquid and used in dyes and plastics.
  • Benzyl Acetate – Used for its strawberry flavour. It’s a nitrate solvent.
  • Amylacetate – Used for banana flavour. Also used as a paint solvent.
Those are the ‘doozies’ – the worst of the bunch, but you’ll also find less evil but nonetheless artificial additives such as preservatives, flavours and the dreaded lurking Annatto / (E)160B, which according to my chemical bible app ‘Chemical Maze’ can cause Head banging, headache, hyper tension, restlessness, hives and sleep disturbance…
Bottom line? Read the label. If you don’t understand it, your body won’t either.
If you’re super strapped for time and want an instant treat. Try my Instant Coconut, Banana & Lime ice cream It’s so yummy and quick!
Want to wear a halo while you eat your ice cream? Head over to Lee Holmes’ Supercharged Food blog and whip up her gluten, dairy and sugar free ice cream – Simply divine!
Or check out these fab “10 Healthy ice creams” from Natural New Age Mum.
Good luck saying goodbye to so many commercial ice creams. Opt for a more artisanal brand or try your hand at making your own – Your family will of course love you for it! There’s great truth to the idea of a healthier life, if you promise yourself that every treat you want, you’re going to have to cook it yourself!
Real Food. Happy Bodies.

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      Hi Kath. You’re super welcome. Gelato is often a little lower in fat and by consequence often higher in sugar. It does, however, come down to the brand and the ingredients they use. If you buy gelato in a public place, how about trying to ask: artificial colours? flavours? additives? If they’re sheepish, I’d say that means yes to some of the above. Be an ingredient hound and read the back and you’ll find something fab, no doubt. Don’t ever let milk fat put you off though. As long as there’s no allergy, it’s often the best thing for the little ones in the whole tub! 🙂

  1. Hi Alexx, One ice cream I adore is Homer Hudson chocolate rock, and someone told me about an ice cream at About Life that is over 90% cocoa. What do think about these? Cheers! I really love what you do. 🙂

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      Hi Frederick, Nice to hear from you. Haven’t tried that intense cocoa one although have seen it – It’s the Kohu Road Dark Chocolate one. So easy to make your own once you know, and fab for the little ones to see the real stuff be made. Let me know if you try it – If I don’t try it first! 🙂

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