They don’t got your back.

I’m on Linked In and I was on there today and saw something that sparked my curiosity. A job in my ‘suggested jobs’ side bar. I usually laugh them off as they are so far from my passions or skill set. The fact that they couldn’t have been more wrong with their job suggestion once again, is one thing. What the description for the job portrayed about the company was worse. Here it is. I’ve blanked out a few of the consonants, but if you fill in the gaps you might see just what those iconic Australian biscuit products might be.

Senior Technologist – 12 month fixed term contract

You will be responsible for developing new T(* T#^ and  T@#$  T#(*y  products from concept to in market launch and for driving the delivery of cost saving initiatives. With multiple projects to manage, you will coordinate with a variety of stakeholders and have a hands-on role developing prototypes in our pilot plant at Huntingwood and leading the product trials at our manufacturing sites…


Sheesh, right? We’re being told about the dream and the sexiness and the cuteness through the advertising and brand communications, and behind the scenes they’re talking about the stuff that REALLY matters to them:

Developing ‘products’

Cost Saving Initiatives


Developing prototypes

Pilot Plant

We’re buying an experience because of a dream. We buy because we’ve bought into what they’re selling – a delicious, satisfying and tasty life.

When we then bight, the experiential craving is satisfied by a cocktail of ingredients that have been specifically orchestrated to hit our bliss points. If you want to learn more about the lengths to which they go, Michael Moss’s book Salt Sugar Fat  is a good read. It’s written to shock but the points are valid, the research is deep and the message is to just wake up and smell the coffee. If you have a hard time breaking junk habits it could be a great thing to put in your tool box to help you walk on by.

ive got your back

If we want our world to change, our people to get healthier, our disease stats to change, we cannot wait for governments and profit-at-any-cost  focused companies to change what they do. They’ve got their businesses to run and their stakeholder’s to answer to and that’s their cycle they are caught in. Not ours. We have to start this movement ourselves and boy has it started already.

I am so thrilled every day to be with you guys spreading the word on REAL FOOD. Treats we can enjoy and be proud of giving to our kids and sharing with our friends. Rediscovering what our natural bliss points are minus the refined ingredients and chemicals, engineering us to feel a certain way.


Celebrate real food. It always just seems to keep coming back to celebrating real food as the answer and something we all have the power to do today. Together.

Let the hype be in YOUR kitchen or at your farmer’s market where a lovely small business owner has hand crafted their wares for you from ingredients you recognise.

That is the life we deserve – the authentic life where the only ‘plants’ involved in our food, are the ones we eat.

Real Food, Happy Bodies.

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