Turmeric Movie Popcorn

Friday is movie night & what is a movie without popcorn. I cringe at the thought of the amount of microwave bags and movie theatre buckets I went through in my childhood and early 20s. Real popcorn is free from all the weirdness and there is LOTS of weirdness including a Teflon coated bag and lung-damaging flavouring agent.  Real popcorn is a super cheap treat and takes minutes to make.

So simple. The little guy couldn’t quite wait until the picture was done!

STORAGE: You could take some ‘unbuttered’ popcorn out and wait until it cools and store some in an airtight container for 3 days. Just warm some butter salt and turmeric another time to pour over when you’re ready to serve it / eat it.

TURMERIC NOTE: For little ones, just set them up on a towel with a tea towel to wipe hands and wash afterwards. This way you avoid the turmeric transfer onto furniture if you’re worried about that! Otherwise, skip it altogether if your couch is white fabric!!

Do you love popcorn? It’s a weekly treat for us with a good movie. Make some *for the kids* 😉

I hope you enjoy it!

Real Food. Happy Bodies.

Turmeric Movie Popcorn Recipe



  • 1 big stainless pot or large crock pot (Le Creuset / Le Chasseur type thing) with a LID

Main Ingredients


  • Heat your pot on high with the LID at the ready, and the macadamia / coconut oil.
  • Once it’s super hot, tip in your popcorn. Move it around so it’s well coated by the oil.
  • Close the lid and turn down from HI to MED / HI.
  • Let it pop pop pop away and the second it starts to slow down, turn the stove off. This way you’ll prevent burnt popcorn.
  • Open the lid once it’s almost stopped
  • Force the butter down towards to bottom so it melts well and start stirring it through along with the turmeric.
  • Salt to taste


PIC CREDIT: This picture was taken by my photographer friend Stephen Blake.

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  1. Just what the doctor ordered, almost literally. Been told to try to get my super-low BP up I have to increase my salt intake with a minimum of 6g additional salt, daily – yuk! The only way I like salt is on popcorn or hot chips, so the timing of this post was perfect. Definitely need the anti-inflammatory effect of the tumeric after passing out at the top of the stairs last week and spending New Year in hospital. Thanks for the recovery assistance.

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      Oh yay – so glad it came at the perfect time Kirsty and New Year’s sounds no fun. Take care Kirsty and enjoy the popcorn x

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