Visualising Awesome

And so a new year begins…

I like to take January to do a lot of thinking, like lots of people do. I’m in the early stages of a new biz with a toddler so while ‘reflection and planning’ is probably done best in this type of setting…

It actually happened in a toy filled apartment or park while negotiating a ‘big boy’ swing while battling a case of rheumatic fever.

Anyway, the tangent-happy parent returns! I look retrospectively at the year gone and think about the things that brought me joy, the ways I was able to help others out, the times I felt like things didn’t work, think about who i met, what i learnt, what scared me and what made me feel like I’d really conquered the world (usually directly related to pushing through the bits that scared me). Also and more importantly, I like to focus on how I want to feel and what I want to see when I do the ‘look back’ next year. Growing up with a tendency to float and fly, this is new for me and born out of wanting to dream bigger dreams and have a greater sense of achievement, and therefore starting to have a look at how one might do such things with feet occasionally touching the ground!

I knew things needed a shakeup end of 2010. I became a driver again after a year of back seating, and my goodness was 2011 inspiring as a result. I met hundreds of inspiring people, I joined associations that brim with energy and positivity with a special shout out to Em Isaacs, Chief Chick at Business Chicks and Cindy Luken, I sold my shares in a biz that was making me unhappy and I started a new business much more up my alley. I moved house to somewhere we love, I watched my little guy grow into a delicious and kind little boy, I created a Christmas Party event that people raved about and so much more… You seem to get luckier the more chances you take and effort you put in, and you definitely get happier channelling happy people into your life. That’s certainly how it feels, as the year got better and better and happier with each gear change!

It’s just so important to drive one’s own life- I realise now looking back, that i had been waiting for someone to give me permission and that was a total waste of time, because that mystery person rarely shows up. If you can visualise what you want to achieve and how fantastic it’s going to be to reflect on a year  of amazing people, happenings and achievements, then you know what you’re working towards and the content will be so much easier to create – best of all, reflection time come next January will be awesome!

How do you channel awesome?

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