We can’t hate ourselves into love

I saw this quote today from Lori Deschene, founder of Tiny Buddha and I fell instantly in love with its truth.


hate into love

It was one of those sentences that plunged me into a deep ‘oh the world’ thinking tangent. I thought about all the ways our world ‘hates’ that have no seeming light at the end of the tunnel. Hate cannot produce love whether it’s us doing the hating of ourselves, or whether we’re hating on other people, things, places… Not possible. Hate produces more hate, plain and simple.

I of course rescued myself from thinking about all the hating and switched into love mode.

When I wrote my little idealist weekend reflection on Saturday which you can read here…

Idealist reflection

…it came from love. If we let go of the hate – for ourselves, the pimple on our face, the fat roll, the government for their inaction on things we’re passionate about, other people, mean companies, our lack of progress… whatever hate we’re projecting… If we let go of it and start with ourselves, and a gentle and deep love for ourselves, then that is the first stone cast into the ripple effect of seriously big planet wide love.

True story: Just today in downward dog I looked back at my thighs and had a hate thought. Then? I thought know, I love myself which is why I’m at this Yoga Barre class making my thighs even more awesome!

Go love yourself. You’re enough, you know and please share with a friend or two who needs this right now if it speaks to you.

Low Tox Mind. Happy you. Happy Planet.

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  1. Just saw u on The Gut Salution and now found yr site.
    Lots of excellent stuff set out in a very pleasing and pleasant way. But – the incessant flicking of “Someone has..” down in the left hand corner is sooo destracting and offputting. It is driving me insane and off the site!
    (Quite surprising/”amusing” to find that on a sight promoting mindfulness and a less stressful life!).
    Kind regards, Ann Marie

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