What’s the idea?

This week, my inspiration came from Diane Von Furstenburg, fashion icon. I attended a fantastic Business Chicks lunch she spoke at, and we learnt of her journey, the ups the downs, the highs and the lowest of lows. What an incredible woman who has achieved amazing things, not only in fashion, but in philanthropy also.

She mentioned that her grand daughter had asked her what she likes most about her job. She replied “I like getting ideas and then taking action to bring those ideas to life”.

Take a moment to think of all the ideas you have… the intentions… the thoughts you’ve had about things that would be great to achieve.

Pick one.

Act. Bring it to life.

Great ideas rarely see the light of day without action. I can only imagine a world where awesome people like you, move to action over a great ‘passing’ idea. Doesn’t have to be a ‘save the world’ idea. It could be for your family, your school, your gym, your community… Whatever your circle of influence, just act, and that circle will be all the better for it.

By all means, make yourself accountable and post a comment about something you’ve had an idea for, that you’d like to manifest.

Have a fantastic and inspired weekend,

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    Ok, so I’ll make myself accountable. Last year I had an idea that I thought “how cool would that be”… well, I applied for a grant, and low and behold, I now have the great fortune to bring that idea to life in 2013. That’s what it’s about. For a change, I acted. I pursued. Look what happened… Can’t wait to share more details on that one with you guys…

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