Why do we forget?

You know that way you feel after a fab workout? A long kiss? A tidy hand bag that’s receipt and rubbish free? laughing? a long bath?

It really is absolutely bizarre how we can forget the feel good factor that certain things bring us!

If it feels so good, why do we forget? Why do we let ourselves? I often wonder if all the “how to’s and ‘have to’s’ rob us of our joy and inspiration for things. We become paranoid about trying to get 5 hours a week of exercise, or following the 1000 ways to be on top of things in your life, having your romantic life burning bright (sorry, I cannot bring myself to say sex life. My parents read my blog!), having 3 epsom salt baths a week to ensure toxin elimination is peak. Maybe following rules, regs and copious amounts of professional advice, chokes us up and we let defeat creep in!

One day you can find yourself toned, fit and fabulous enjoying long work outs, followed by longer indulgent kisses with a perfectly organised, tidy office and the time to light candles and have long baths… The next, you can find yourself scoffing a muffin for breakky, sporting a muffin top to match and giving quick hello goodbye pecks to your partner and, an absolutely guilty me here: taking an hour to wade through all of the loose receipts in your bag to find the parking ticket whilst apologising repeatedly to the forming cue behind you and finally stepping aside for the big ’empty out’ of all contents. Perhaps it’s so easy to derail from so many things we love or that make us feel good, because there are times and phases where we can’t maintain our idea of perfection toward something, and we can’t handle that. Perhaps that’s why we just let it and ourselves go.

Here’s to not forgetting. Here’s to admitting we’re prone to lapsing, laxing and relaxing into the next size up, and while we might not have the time to maintain our ‘ideal weight’ it’s no reason to stop exercising altogether. Here’s to not forgetting our partners are good for more than taking the bins out and occupying the kids. Here’s to not forgetting how accomplished you feel, as you gasp desperately for air after a work out, with your beetroot cheeks.

Here’s to not forgetting to do the things that make you laugh, so you can remember that with all the heaviness in the world, there are light and awesome moments to seek out and enjoy.

Here’s to remembering the good stuff and the things that make us feel good, even if it’s only a mini version of your ideal, through different busy phases in life. Am I right? And lastly, does your handbag look like this inside?

Bon weekend x

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