Why not you?

Have you ever heard of someone doing something on TV or on the radio and thought ‘that sounds like it would be amazing’?

Have you ever seen someone with immense joy on their face and in their life and thought ‘i wish i were that happy’?

Have you ever seen people get promoted around you and thought ‘i guess they deserve it more’?

Have you ever stayed in a job, way past your enjoyment of it and thought ‘but at least it’s a job’?

Have you ever seen someone doing a job they absolutely love and thought ‘it must be so great to really love what you do’?

Have you ever tasted something incredible at someone’s house and thought ‘man, I wish I could cook like that’?

Have you ever seen someone really comfy in their skin physically and thought ‘I wish I was healthier like that’?

Have you ever seen someone doing loads of charity work that you’re passionate about and thought ‘I really wish I could afford to spend so much time on community projects’?

Well, here’s the thing. Why not you!?

Anything big seems hard – unachievable, even, but if it really floats your boat; if it’s the stuff that makes you day dream; if it’s the stuff you spend time researching or thinking about when you ‘should be doing what you’re supposed to be doing’, then chances are, you’re doing the wrong things. Break the big kahuna vision into tiny daily actions, but whatever you do, don’t stand still if you’re wanting for other things. Dissatisfaction is our sign to change things up. The longer we spend in a dissatisfied state, the bigger our negative self talk gets. The bigger the fear creeps in to stop you progressing in this beautiful life.

Use dissatisfaction as a spring board to brighter times, dream jobs, healthier self, more time for others… listen to it and act. Life is a constant fine tune. To stop fine tuning is to stop growing and with only one life, well, that just seems a shame with everything there is to explore!

I’d love to hear if you’ve successfully left a dissatisfied state and moved to being a happier you. It’s such a bugger of a thing when people feel a bit trapped, as I have a friend who’s a little trapped right now. Sometimes a few inspired stories of change is all it takes to believe one is capable.

Have a beautiful week,

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  1. LOVE this Alexx!

    A gorgeous (and ridiculously well dressed!) girl that I used to have the pleasure of working with has recently chucked in the towel to go and run her own bargain fashion website and I could not be more proud – and envious. She’s positively glowing now. Oh, and she’s just scored some media coverage and her site is going gang busters! When you love what you do, how can others not?!?

    I’m a little too scared to jump off the edge without the ‘full time job to fall back on’ net…but I’m getting there. Promise! And posts like these are just the motivation that I need! x

    p.s. Also loving the site overhaul!
    p.p.s. Have converted three co-workers and two family members onto those Coconut Snack Bars. Deelish!

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      What a lovely thing to read before turning the computer off, Emma! Thx for the feedback re the site. It feels more ‘me’ now and YAY to coconut snack bars. Awesome. Have a fabulous week and keep thinking ‘why not me!’ x

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