World Environment Day – A People powered post!

It’s June 5th, World environment day, and I thought rather than me write a post, we could all write one together.

TITLE: 100 little ways you can care for the environment in the daily choices we make.

Mechanics: At least 100 of us write an idea – doesn’t matter if there are overlaps – HERE in the comments.

There, that’s it.

I’ll start. Let’s go! x

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    I love challenging myself to always be decreasing the amount of plastic in my shopping basket – These days, I’ll choose a different veggie if it’s plastic free, where the original one I was getting might have been wrapped in plastic. It’s an ongoing challenge, and once conscious, amazing to look around and see how much packaging people are buying, even when eating real / healthy foods <3

  2. I try and always have my glass take away cup in my handbag, so I can have a coffee or tea when I am on the run. Preferably I sit down and have it there but if I can’t I will use my own cup, if I forgot my cup = no coffee or tea 😉 … and I totally agree with you on the above I try the same, have my own hemp/cotton bags to put apples and things in at the shop, so I don’t have to take any paper bags.

  3. When boiling a pot of water try to use it multiple times. I may poach meat and then veges and finally boil some eggs. I then let the water cool and collect it in my watering can and use it to water my indoor plants and some outdoor plants as well.

    This means I am not wasting a whole pot of water just for veges or pasta.

  4. I now use white vinegar instead of windex to clean glass, and instead of bleach to clean the bathroom. We make our own laundry powder and soap. I also grow my own garlic so I’m not buying it chemically sprayed from Mexico. But the most simple change I have made is to grate cheese rather than buy in grated to cut down on chemicals added to food.

  5. Composting/worm farming it’s so easy and makes great soil to grow your veggies in! We have a cafe and also compost all of our coffee grinds a little extra work but so much better than dumping them in the bin

  6. My grandma and I used to swap recycling and I keep it up not only for the environment but it reminds me of her. My job was the things that you can’t put in the recycling bin like batteries, printer cartridges and globes. I take them to the recycling bins at the shopping centre. Gran would take any meat trays/suitable containers I had to the dog shelter for the animals to be fed from, collect aluminium cans we had for a friend who sold them and the tabs separate for the wheelchair program 🙂

  7. I love to use Vinegar for disinfecting everything instead of chemicals. One of the best things i’ve done for our family was to ditch the aeresol toilet spray cans and replaced them with a glass spray bottle (100mls – can be found on ebay). Fill the bottle half vinegar, half water and 10-20 drops of your favourite essential oil, depending on the strength of your oil, shake it up and spray! It smells fantastic, it’s a reusable bottle, and we’re not breathing in the nasty fumes from the store bought sprays.
    We also give some of our recycling products to our son’s pre-school so that they can use them for craft making.

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