You can change the world with every bite

As the credits start to roll on Food Inc, some poignant messages appear on the blackened screen.This film should be mandatory viewing. I’ve seen it twice now. It’s not just about America, it’s about human rights (consumers and factory workers), animal rights, and the massive need for change in the food system. It’s about the basic human right of knowing where our food comes from- as Michael Pollan puts it ‘Who’s cookin’ in the kitchen, and can I take a look?’. You can change the world with every bite, but I just wanted to check in and say, you don’t have to do it overnight, in case anyone is panicking out there and thinking ‘it’s all too much, so why bother’. It’s a big, delicious and feel-good shift and it’s going to take a little  time. I went through so many chronic health problems when I was younger and I ate some seriously dodgy stuff along with the supposedly “healthy” stuff that was either unethical or a chemical poop storm.

It’s taken me quite a few years to learn, collect data, investigate, seek out and demand that what goes into my family’s mouth at home, comes from beautiful, awesome farmers, whole ingredients of which I know the ingredients’ origins, and shop keepers and market stall holders that give us a sense of community as well as their delicious wares. I realise no one has that time these days, so that’s why I share what i’ve learnt.

Anyone can do this. With real, ominous statistics such as the alarming allergy rates or the fact that 1 in 3 will be type 2 diabetic, 1 in 4 children under 5 will be obese, and 1 in 3 of us will have cancer or heart disease in our life times, then it’s home. It’s here. Environmental impact isn’t a tree hugging, sea-protesting ‘thing’ any more, it’s inside us and our kiddies. It’s never been more real how much we and our planet are hurting and need to get some rapid change going on, pronto.

The good news? We can change the world with every bite and we can start today. I am such a believer in our shopping baskets’ power. That is why I’m not crying and tortured by the doom and gloom stats. Let’s just do this. Not just the awesome people who are already converts, but let’s help our friends learn too. “I’ve found this amazing butcher… I’ve found a great local market, let’s get a coffee and our groceries there with the kids… Did you know that pesticides on berries are terrible for kids brains? We’ve started buying organic and only when in season so it’s not too expensive, or even ‘there’s this great blog I’m reading (shameless plug! :)… “. You are a super important word spreader, in case you didn’t yet know, so get out there!

Big corporations are constantly trying to analyse consumer data to predict trends and see what the people want. To that I say “Analyse this”! Tee Hee Hee.

Real Food Rockstars – Everyone can be one.

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