10 delicious winter drinks recipes

Winter warming drinks are just so comforting in the colder months.

Winter can also however bring about a notanotherherbaltea.com feeling. I love a daily herbal tea, and while I have friends that could live on them in all shapes and flavours, I am someone who likes to constantly mix things up when it comes to the couple of drinks I enjoy alongside water each day. To that end I’ve done a round up of some favourites from the blog and from a few recipe creating clever people on the interwebs.

1. I can’t believe it’s not Milo

Trust me. You NEED this in your life. It’s a malty tasting chocolate powder that lives in the pantry for all of the 2 days it might last you.

I can't believe it's not milo

from my blog Low Tox Life – CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE


2. Nourish Me Golden Milk

From the talented Alisa at 123 Nourish Me – CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE


3. Matcha Latte

(discuss Matcha Green Tea with practitioner if you have a weak liver or are pregnant)

This recipe comes to you from the lovely Becoming Ness – CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE


4. Refreshing Ginger and Mint Tea

This recipe is from Epicurious – Click here for the RECIPE.

5. Pumpkin Spiced Latte


This one comes from the wonderful ELENA’s PANTRY – CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE

6. Broth for busy people

This one also from Salus Highlands – CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE 

7. Paleo Hot Chocolate AND Healthy Hot Almond spiced milk

From the gorgeous MerryMaker Sisters – CLICK HERE TO ENJOY THE RECIPE


8. Delicious Cheats Chai – dairy free


From my friend Simone who has gorgeous recipes and an online store to die for Nourishing HubCLICK HERE FOR RECIPE


9. Immune Tea (to prevent colds and flu)

This one is a great winter defence drink to keep you fighting fit during the winter, from Georgia over at Well Nourished – CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE


10. Warm Spiced Almond Milk

Warm spiced almond milk

And finishing with another one from my blog if you haven’t tried it – CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE


So there you have them – what to make first, right?

I hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to tag #lowtoxlife @Alexx_Stuart on Instagram when you try any of the recipes if you’re a bit of a picture person!

Real drinks, happy bodies

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