Feel-Good Happy Things to Do/Watch/Stream During Social Distancing

Well, it’s no secret that we’re in challenging times made more challenging mentally by the lack of timeframe we can put as ‘the end’ of it all. We’re having to trust the process, we’re having to have faith that what we’re doing is going to be worth it, no matter the sacrifice and hardship. We’re having to believe that it’s all for the greater good and I for one am inspired by literally everyone right now whether you’re finding this easy, hard… doesn’t matter. It’s inspiring what we’re all doing to the level at which we’re doing it. We’ve had to shift from being a culture of ultra-convenience within the space of a couple of months to a culture of ‘what’s essential/do I really need that’ and the learning curve for some is exponential – Lucky us low toxers have been at it a while, but no one is escaping this period without significant challenge.

Here we in a pandemic after us Aussies only just got over the bushfire catastrophe and across the globe united, we’re now all trying to navigate the grief of losing a job, financial stress, running businesses, hold down jobs, worry about our kids at school if we’re in essential services, or home school for the very first time while doing ALL THE THINGS. This is a challenge that we all wish we weren’t experiencing but as always, a chance to reframe presents itself on the daily as many in the world are no strangers to challenges that still lie beyond our imagination. I’m thinking of everyone at this time whatever you’re going through right now.

I loved this quote I saw online yesterday:

Anyhoo, this post is by no means to create a vibe that you have to fit in ALL THE THINGS and have this amazing, creative productive time achieving all that is possible on the internet. Nope. It is, however, a collection of some o the things that might be fun, useful, inspiring, exciting or nice to listen to or watch, accessible from home t a time when we’re spending more time at home than ever.

Thank you for staying home for all who cannot and for our most vulnerable friends and family members in all the communities everywhere who appreciate it very much. Hopefully, you’ll find a little inspiration somewhere along the way, below:

Some great activities for the kids:

David Walliams daily readings. Kids aged between about 7 and 12 will love this. There’s a new one each day and it will usually give you about a 20 minutes to yourself. You/they can catch up on the previous week’s readings too. My son has loved these!

Personal trainer Joe Wicks is teaching online workouts for the family – even now with a broken arm!

Audible are making 1000s of titles free for kids to enjoy some audiobooks and imagine faraway worlds and fabulous characters as they stare at a tree or close their eyes!

For kids who love to listen and learn, try out But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Taronga Zoo in Sydney is streaming online This a great one for the whole family.

The Melbourne Zoo installed live stream cameras in its penguin, lion, giraffe and baby snow leopard cages. The penguin enclosure is hilariously sweet. 

And all the way from Georgia Atlanta, you can see a live stream of their Beluga Whales

closeup photography of group of penguins


Disney Plus has brought forward the Frozen Two Movie Release 

Perhaps parents aren’t cheering about the idea of inviting ‘let it gooooo!’ back into the household, but hey, if it keeps the kids happy and busy, it’s got to be a good thing right? And the songs are different as my little nephew has demonstrated. With all things Covid-19, Disney has decided to bring Frozen 2 to its Disney Plus streaming service three months early “surprising families with some fun and joy during this challenging period”. In fact, quite a few streaming services are following suit and providing more options to keep you busy. Hot top, Netflix’s top recommendation ‘Pandemic’ if this whole thing is already bringing you anxiety. 

Image result for frozen 2

On the food front here are a few fun ideas to keep you busy

How about an indoor Picnic? We do this at home and everyone loves it. An old doona cover makes a perfect picnic rug. Kids love to be responsible for setting up the rug and the space and it breaks the monotony of everyone being at the table all the time – Feel free to pop a movie on to take the pressure of having to talk every mealtime too.

Jamie Oliver is posting IG Live cooking classes on his Instagram. Click through for some fabulous ideas

Bake together. Brownies won’t last long in a house full of people so double the recipe if you love chocolate. This is my Mum’s recipe and if you haven’t made it before you’re in for a treat!

From the team at Chatter Pack This HUGE list of free online things to do while staying at home. There are some beautiful cultural online activities including tours of the great museums of the world and a vast list of e-learning


For Music Lovers

Have a look at the Digital Season from the Sydney Opera House

Pub Choir Online or a variety of other options are popping up everywhere. – Fancy a sing along with your friends? Remember if it’s on Zoom, you’ll need a bit of setting up so don’t leave it till the last minute if you’re a Zoom first-timer.


Symphonies and Operas are live streaming concerts

With the inevitable cancellation of Melbourne’s Symphony Orchestra live shows, they have decided to live stream their shows. Managing director, Sophie Galaise, shared that at its peak, the live stream was being viewed by 5500 people simultaneously! Which is actually more than double Hamer Hall’s paid capacity. Within 24 hours, the show was viewed more than 38,000 times. You can watch the replays here. 

New York’s Metropolitan Opera and the Berlin Philharmonic are among other international classical music groups live streaming performances to empty halls. Find out about them here and here.

The Seattle Symphony is organizing free live streams and rebroadcasts via YouTube and Facebook until further notice.


The Social Distancing Festival is a thing

Yep, entire festivals have sprung up amidst the corona pandemic, the Social Distancing Festival, is an online hub of video, live streaming clips from rehearsals, filmed scenes, concerts and dancers. 


Celebrities serenading us from their living room

Many musicians have had to cancel or pause tours, and instead of laying low, they’ve opened up their lungs and homes to the public. We’ve seen Chris Martin, frontman of Coldplay, stream the first of the Solidarity Sessions, a new concert series by the World Health Organisation and non-profit org Global Citizen. I’m a big Harry Connick Jr/jazz fan, and he’s doing a Hunker Down with Harry show on Instagram. John legend has followed quickly behind. It’s heart-swelling stuff. A few other musicians have jumped on the bandwagon, here’s Sheryl Crow, Pink, Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Keith Urban and Lizzo to name a few.











Museums are opening their doors for virtual tours

There’s the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art and the Guggenheim Museum to name a few that are offering virtual tours. What a beautiful way to get some culture in from the comfort of the couch. Google Arts & Cultures is also offering plenty of museums overseas to explore from Paris to Berlin and everything in between. 












Maybe you want to try doing a mock up of a famous painting with what you have lying around your house?


Maybe a guided meditation is what you need? Sherrie Laryse has provided us one – one of our Go Low Tox experts


Sherrie is offering a guided meditation based on traditional yogic meditation with modern psychology and neuroscience. It focuses on reducing stress and boosting the immune system – and she’s offering it for free for all of our sakes (use code ‘Alexx’) Thank you, Sherrie!



Finally, a little something to make you giggle. This video of a man making light of a tough situation…

Lastly the wonderful Maggie Dent has offered some solid tips for parents. Highlights include

Parental As Anything is Maggie’s Podcast and this episode covers how to talk to kids about Coronavirus

Maggie is also offering her eBook Building Children’s Resilience for $9.99 – so it’s paid but it’s a goody worth reading in a time like this!

I have dear friends who are acting teachers for primary aged kids in Thirroul, who are taking their classes online to You Tube, too. 

I could go on and on and there are plenty more out there for you to discover and the drop of an Ecosia search (like google but they plant trees for your searching so that’s another thing you can do is switch search providers!

I’d love to hear what you or your kids are loving online at the moment. Remember to breathe and hug more right now, too to diffuse tension wherever needed, and to raise endorphins!

Sending a big virtual hug to all,

Low Tox. Happy bodies. Happy Planet.




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