Mum’s famous gluten free brownies

My mum has been famous for a few signature dishes in her time so far. Usually from other people’s recipes that she puts her twist on (Nigella’s chocolate pav at Christmas for example!) I’m pretty sure I get my inability to stick exactly to a recipe, from her – always have to put a twist on it!

Her brownies, however, are 100% her, and 100% shot to family fame from the day she made them up last year. No one can get enough of them and we all go a bit crazy when there’s whiff or word of a batch in the making – my husband especially!

A little while ago, I said I’d celebrate us getting to 100 reviews on I Tunes for the podcast by sharing that brownie recipe with you. And? Well, we got there this weekend with the wonderful 100th review coming from Mrs Bur To “I’ve listened from start to finish and am slowly making changes. I have so many things I want to do since listening and massive improvements in mine and my family’s lives”. Thanks for the lovely words whoever you are and for your critical role in releasing these brownies to the world. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do and please – do share your brownies over on instagram or the FB page @lowtoxlife when you get round to making them and most of all – ENJOY.

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Mum's Famous Gluten Free Brownies

Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time30 mins
Servings: 16 Brownies


  • Half cup melted butter cool until it's only warm, not hot. For Dairy Free option, do 1/4 cup macadamia or olive oil and 1/4 cup of the thick creamy top from a coconut cream can.
  • Half cup cocoa powder either raw cacao or dutch processed
  • One cup rapadura or panela sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean powder or paste
  • 2 tbsp tapioca, arrowroot or corn flour note: watch out for arrowroot flours sometimes having preservative 220 in them.
  • Half cup almond meal (blitzing your own fresh is the best for the recipe but don't stress yourself over it!) best when you've milled it freshly yourself if you can! Trust me on that one!
  • Half tsp baking powder
  • Quarter cup chocolate chips / chopped chocolate


  • Pre heat your oven to 180C / 350F fan forced (10 degrees more for non fan forced)
  • Combine melted butter and cocoa powder
  • Add eggs, sugar and vanilla and beat until smooth for 1 minute. If using a thermomix, 6 seconds, speed 6 will do it.
  • Mix in almond meal, corn/tapioca flour, baking powder and choc chips and turn by hand until just mixed (or speed 1 thermomix, 10 seconds)
  • Spread the mixture into a lined baking tin of 20cm for a thicker brownie and 30 minute cook time, OR 25cm bake tin for a 25 minute cook time.
  • I would check them at 20 minutes onwards every few minutes because it's always a bit different depending on the tin size and oven style.
  • You're done! How easy was that?


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      Jen hopefully you ventured and tried it with maple? It should do.. my only hesitation is that it might be too caramelised with a liquid sugar that one… Let me know how you went? x

      1. Hi Alex and Jen – I made this on the weekend with Rice Malt Syrup instead (sort of similar to Maple Syrup) and only used 3/4 cup and it worked perfectly fine – everyone at the BBQ wanted the recipe 🙂

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  1. This has got to be the best gluten free brownie recipe ever and one that the whole family can enjoy. I find it so hard to get my family on board with gluten free recipes but they love this one. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Just made this for the second time (quickly becoming a fav treat recipe!!) and threw in some whole frozen raspberries …. Delish! Thanks Alexx!!!!!

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      Hi Sally – Oh that’s so excellent. Mum will be thrilled to hear it and yay for raspberries in chocolate! Heaven x

  3. These are without a doubt the best brownies ever! My daughter only took a small piece and when I saw her going back for more her words were I thought they were going to be one your healthy brownies but they are actually delicious! Made the dairy free version and served with coyo salted caramel as my birthday cake. Thanks Alexx and thank your mum too xxx

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  4. Made these using flax seeds instead of egg. They are a different kind of consistency but still yummy. I will definitely use egg the next time and more chocolate chunks . X

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  5. Alexx and Alexx’s Mum – these are delicious, I made them on the weekend for guests and everyone was very complimentary. We don’t need to be gluten-free but if I can eliminate the processed flour – why not. Next time I will try the dairy-free option – sounds like a good way to get some of that Cobram Olive Oil into my family 😉

  6. Made this today for the first time, so delicious (and I learnt to check my arrowroot for preservatives which I was expecting). Thanks for another lovely recipe Alexx.

  7. Oh my – simply the yummiest brownie and family gave me full thumbs up straight away with this recipe, thank you so much – I had made a batch of my own Almond Butter and used in recipe it is honestly the best. ! x

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  8. The absolute best! Always my go to brownie. Made yesterday as my 3yo’s bday cake.
    Btw I always halve the sugar and kids still love it.

  9. Hi Alexx,
    This sounds amazing! Just wondering if I could use a granulated sugar substitute as I am Diabetic?
    Thanks, Vicky

  10. 5 stars
    Wow! Easiest and yummiest brownies ever! Thanks for the recipe Alexx and your ma! Made for the mums at our Halloween party today – so popular! Merci

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