Ginger Candy

My Dad is a huge fan of ginger so he inspired this ginger candy recipe. It’s so simple and quick to make and a definite gap to the void filled by quitting Wurther’s. I have only one caution: It’s sticky and chewy, so if you have delicate teeth – they’re for sucking, not chewing!

Prefer chocolate? Try my cocoa caramel chews that Sarah Wilson featured in her Christmas Book last year. Yummy too!

Need justification? These are awesome for motion sickness. Trust me! You need them 😉

Real Treats. Happy Daddies (And happy daughter with all the uneven ‘outy bits’ left over.


Ginger Candy Recipe



  • Place all your ingredients into a frying pan, on medium heat. Stir a little to be sure the butter and rice syrup have combined. When it gets to a bubble, bubble for 2 minutes.
  • Pour onto parchment paper and leave out to cool for 10 minutes. You can find my favourite parchment paper here.
  • Then with a knife, mark out your candy squares into the caramel, tracing lines down and then across to make the candy easy to cut precisely once fully cooled, otherwise it will snap unevenly when you try to cut it if you haven't done this step.
  • Wrap individually if you fancy.

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