Low Tox Teen Periods – our community’s top picks

Given we’ve had the wonderful Nicole Jardim on the show with a focus on teen periods on the show, I thought it’d be great to do a simple and concise resource-wrap of potential products to explore for you and your girl – all of these come in adult sizes and products as well, so feel free to explore regardless.

Feel free to also share any favourites in the comments, too!

1. Modibodi – Teen Range

To celebrate the important topic of girls starting their period journey right, Modi Bodi has given us a special offer for our community for any first-time customers (mums and ladies, feel free to use this offer whether there’s a teen in your life or not!) 10% off your Modi Bodi order for orders over $100, excluding bundles/discounted products, and the code is LOWTOXLIFE10

They have a great teen range to explore and they also have a wonderful initiative for the many girls in the world for whom period products are a luxury they don’t normally get access to – ‘Give a Pair’ Ending period poverty. A percentage of every sale goes to this initiative and to date, they have donated over 18,500 pairs! Isn’t that wonderful? Enjoy exploring the range and making the most of the offer!

2. Fix your period

Nicole Jardim’s book – a brilliant period manual that I know pretty much every adult woman would have wished they’d had access to as a teen, to avoid so many issues and health challenges. Our periods are a vital sign of health and very much worth our attention and effort to make friends with.

3. “A Girls Guide to Growing Up”

Karen Gravelle’s book is full of straightforward answers to questions about puberty. Super useful and worth your teen’s time.

4. ‘HelloFlo’

Another modern and insightful guide to periods and puberty by Naama Bloom and bound to help your teen feel more in the know about what’s going on with their body right now.

5. TOM Mini Tampons

Tom Tampons care about your skin and offer an organic product that is softer and more absorbent than most. It’s a wonderful Australian brand, born in Melbourne and loved by Aussie girls and women everywhere. Regular cotton tampons can contain pesticide and herbicide residues from agriculture as well as hidden undisclosed plastics and sometimes even synthetic colours – what’s up with that, right?

6. PELVI Menstrual Cup for Teens

Menstrual cups are brilliant for busy teens moving from school to music lessons, to sport and home, because they don’t have to worry about changing their products so often. While cups are a little trickier to get used to than pads and tampons, once you have the hang of it, they’re economical, low waste, and often described as a girl’s best friend! If you want to share a great educational video that the ABC did on menstrual cups this one is great!

7. Hannah Pad Range

Hannah pads are made from certified organic cotton that is chemical-free, unbleached, non-dyed, and unscented. A wonderful Aussie brand, these are great for the teen (and woman!) who want a low waste proposition, and who don’t really love menstrual cups. Different strokes for different folks, so Hannah Pads might just be the thing you’re after!

8. Juju range

Australian made and owned. No strings, no wings, and no leaks. This is one of the most popular cups in the low tox community that women rave about. Well worth checking out for yourself or your teen!

And there we have it. A few options to read or to try to make the teen years of establishing a girl’s cycle, empowering and easy. No harmful chemicals, low waste options… It is so different to how it was for me as a girl these days. So much wonderful information to lower the stress around this time!

Low Tox. Healthy People. Happy Planet.

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