Peek-a-Book: Nourishing Traditions

This book taught me so, so much about what is wrong with modern world food procurement, preparation and indeed the word ‘diet’ at large. You see, when you eat real, traditional foods, you actually don’t need to diet – did somebody drop a bomb in here? – nope, it’s just actually a huge great explosion of truth! I’ve learnt to sprout, ferment, clabber, activate and more. it’s been quite a journey indeed.

I can’t think of many people more deserving of being crowned Queen of the quest to educate people about Real Food. She is fearless, and has been ridiculed many a time by the low fat, grain totin’ lobbyists in all their guises, while she confidently backed up her reasons for letting healthy fats back into our lives – before it’s too late! She’s been a key communicator and educator, founding the Weston A Price foundation, on grass fed beef, free ranging poultry, raw milk and saturated fats…. highly contentious topics indeed.

If you’re curious to learn about traditional cooking, ingredients and a very very different approach to wellness than what the modern western world is used to thinking, then you will enjoy this book very much. Sally was inspired by the incredible work of Weston A Price, a dental surgeon in the 1930s who travelled for 10 years visiting people around the world who had not yet had industrialised food brought to their villages and towns. What he discovered were truly healthy people, eating extra-ordinarily nourishing foods.

If you are keen on learning the history of food, the power that food has over our health and wellness, and how on earth we got into the mess we are in today, you need this book. If you love the idea of mastering the art of cooking nourishing whole food for your family with over 200 recipes, then this book is for you. Starters, Coulis’, ice creams, cookies, snacks, salads, stews, broths, tartares… The fish in coconut & lime and the ginger cookies are favourites at our house and using this book as a base for ideas has been a habit for almost 3 years now!

If you’re a passionate vegetarian or vegan, this book is not for you. Move right along & there’s plenty more out there for you guys to read that’s fab! 🙂

Enjoy this epic bible of traditional food and if you want to buy it, here’s a link (not affiliate nor endorsed)

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