Show #55: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome with Dr. Sandeep Gupta


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Now onto the show…

Could you be experiencing chronic inflammation? Do you feel like your symptoms add up to being any number of possible ‘things’ but also unable to be pinned down as ONE thing? Or that you treat things like brain fog, sore joints, muscle weakness, funny heartbeat or adrenals and still don’t feel any better?Enter a real possibility of CIRS – Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. Up to 38 symptoms are commonly experienced. A lot of you know the past year, I experienced an inflammation cascade that I’m still recovering from. For a few months there it was extremely scary until I stopped focusing on treating symptoms and trying to blow the smoke away, and started investigating what started the whole fire in the first place. While the catalyst was surgery and being ‘down’ from undergoing anaesthetic having a poor detox function; while I was down, inflammation took hold from every possible angle and with the testing available in Australia from Dr Shoemaker’s globally acclaimed healing protocol for mold illness, it looks to be mold and possibly confections. Someone I found along my way in my research and whose wonderful online course I’ve done (discount for you guys in the show notes) is the wonderful and down to earth Dr Sandeep Gupta. Dr Gupta’s work as a Dr Shoemaker old protocol trained physician is wonderful and he always explains things in such a simple way. I hope this episode helps anyone out there who’s perhaps been suffering a long time and not explored chronic inflammation as a possible diagnosis – whether it’s from mold or other things such as parasites / Lyme disease / Epstein Barr. This information was truly life changing for me, and I urge you to share this episode with anyone you know who’s chronically unwell with bizarre symptoms that don’t make sense.

If you’ve been suffering from a variety of symptoms and can’t seem to find what the root cause is, investigate CIRS by taking Dr. Gupta’s e-course, the only online course in chronic inflammatory response syndrome / mould illness. You can register HERE.


Here’s a little snapshot of the juicy bits in today’s episode…

  • Certain gene types appear to be associated with a greater risk for developing Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) due to mould exposure. There are other priming events such as infections that can activate these genes and all of a sudden you’re not able to create an immune response to things such as mould toxins and you create an inflammatory response instead.
  • The amount of symptoms and the amount of body systems affected is one way to diagnose CIRS. CIRS is a syndrome that affects many bodily systems. Studies have shown that if you have 8 symptoms or above, your symptoms are highly likely to be due to CIRS.
  • The vast majority or CIRS cases are caused by water damaged buildings or tick bites. In water damaged buildings, a lot of problematic organisms develop. Mould is only one of them.
  • Someone who has a whole bunch of different symptoms, has been put in the basket of chronic fatigue syndrome or the likes and had fairly minimal improvement on standard treatments including nutritional treatments, is most likely experiencing CIRS.
  • One way to start investigating the possibility of CIRS is to take the VCS test (Visual Contrast Sensitivity) – link below. If you fail that test and present with a number of symptoms as part of the cluster list, you can present that evidence to your practitioner to explore further.
  • Coeliac gene testing is another way to diagnose CIRS. It’s a way to find out your gene type and the sensitivities associated with that gene type.
  • Other inflammatory markers are proteins called C4A, MMP9 and TGFBeta1. There are also proteins that regulate the inflammation in the body and if their levels are too low it will create problems: MSH and VIP, ACTH and ADH. Tests for VIP, ADH and ACTH are available in Australia and may be Medicare rebatable. For other tests, Quest Diagnostics in the US is the go-to.
  • Something else that forms part of the testing for CIRS is a NeuroQuant scan. It is a computerised analysis of 11 different brain areas on a brain MRI scan. It helps to look at microscopic swelling or shrinkage of certain areas of the brain – there is a specific pattern linked to CIRS that is recognisable with this scan. It translates to a feeling your brain is not as sharp as it should be, poor ability to focus or concentrate. The good news is that it is temporary and reversible.
  • In order to find out if you suffer from CIRS, you don’t need to do all the tests mentioned above. You can start with the main ones: coeliac gene testing, MSH, C4A and TGFBeta1.
  • The most important protocol to deal with CIRS is to address the cause of toxin exposure first. For example in a water damaged building, you need to consider fixing the problem or moving out. Learning to notice the subtle signs of water damaged buildings can help prevent the issues: on top of the obvious mould, look out for musty odours or ammonia odours for example. You can also send a dust sample for PCR testing to find out whether your place is clear (link below).
  • When it comes to parasites, the most effective way to detect them in the stools is a PCR test which can be done in most laboratories. GPs can recommend this test. A negative test, however, does not exclude parasite infection so symptoms are just as valid, here. “To get rid of parasites, a targeted herbal formula or compounded medication along with natural binders such as charcoal, bentonite clay and chlorella can be highly efficient and well tolerated.”
  • There are different types of mould that can affect the house: mould due to condensation is not as bad and can be resolved with good exhaust fans, aeration and dehumidifiers. Mould due to structural water damage is more serious and needs to be investigated properly.
  • Build your awareness over time in order to recognise water damaged building: use your sense of smell and tune into your body sensations to assess whether a place is sane or not.


And here are all the important links:

Dr Sandeep Gupta’s e-course “Mold illness made simple” can be found here. If CIRS is something you feel you need to explore on your own health journey, register HERE.

You can find information about the VCS test, NeuroQuant scan and the 14 steps of the Shoemaker protocol at 

Others resources mentioned by Dr Gupta:

Quest Diagnostics for tests not available in Australia

Mould lab in Newcastle: where you can get ERMI and HERTSMI-2 tests done to assess the state of your home

I have also developed Inflammation Ninja, an anti-inflammatory on-demand e-course with meal plans, testing advice and more. Definitely check it out if you’re searching for answers and looking for some simple and quick ways to support mould illness and feel better.



Enjoy the show and thanks again for taking the time to rate and review the show – it’s like tipping the bartender and it means the world!

Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet



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  1. Clean water is essential to life! Something we overlook & take for granted. Empowering ourselves with knowledge & tools on how to ensure of water quality is optimum for our health is so liberating, thank you.

  2. I have to take my filtered water everywhere my children now taste the difference too. Clean water makes a huge difference to how I feel physically and mentally.

  3. Clean water is so important to me and my little family. I want to know what I’m giving to my girls is as pure as possible and that I’m not giving their little bodies unnessary nasties. Thankyou for the opportunity, I love the podcast

  4. Ahhh…the ironic luxury of clean water. Something so humble and natural, yet so frustratingly difficult to have access too. Love your show Alexx 🙂

  5. I believe in clean water as it’s one of the most overlooked beautiful gifts that we need to sustain our bodies and to keep healthy. It’s number one on the journey to live a life of abundance. It’s essential to all life. There is nothing like it! It’s marvellous. It is a delight to all of our senses.
    Thanks for the podcasts Alexx. Just love them ❤️

  6. What a lucky country we live in to have the opportunity to win or even buy cool clear real water… the carrier of life which needn’t carry all the other muck when all we need to do is hydrate, flush and flourish.

  7. It’s absolutely crazy to think in a first world country our water isn’t clean, but it’s filled with so many toxins these days and tastes awful. Clean water is so important for everyday health and unfortunately at the moment we’re on tap, I’d love some decent water for my family.

  8. We LOVE clean water for so many reasons! But most of all, because it provides a beautiful foundation for health. So enjoying is episode! Thanks for all you do

  9. Thank you so much for the insite you give on even the basics such as water. It is something we do essential to life and we need to be reminded the damage the additives can do!

  10. I am reaching the end of my second year suffering chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia due to a parasite infection from unfiltered water which came from my tap in a major city. CLEAN Filtered safe water should be the only water we put in our bodies, it is so important for good long term health.

  11. I love fresh clear water as I believe that everyone should have access to it and not water that had been mediated for us. I just want to drink real unadulterated water.

  12. We are currently building out first home.. clean water to mean is vital, I’m trying to reduce the chemicals and toxins in my body, and learning what’s it’s out everyday drinking water .. I NEED THIS!!!

  13. Because we are made of water. It is the foundation of health. Water is life. Also – this looks like a great product that could benefit my entire family and I can’t afford it.

  14. Clean filtered drinking water is so essential to your entire wellbeing and provides an important foundation for your health. I want to wake up feeling amazing every day!

  15. I believe that having pure & clean water is essential to life & our overall wellbeing.

    Thank you Alexx for a wonderful podcast – a topic close to my heart – thank you for helping raise awareness of a misunderstood & misdiagnosed condition (CIRS).

  16. Our bodies are made of at least 70% water. . .imagine being able to make that 70% truly count with pure, clean and great tasting water! This has been on my list for my family’s journey to better health, though finances haven’t yet allowed. . .would absolutely love to win this and give my precious family the pure and clean water they deserve!

  17. I believe in clean water because it tastes so much better and I feel so much better than drinking just regular tap water. (I wish we could get clean water to all those places that are affected by water scarcity)

  18. I think being able to access pure unadulterated water is the pivotal cornerstone to good health. Our bodies need pure water to provide our cells (who do all our repair and regeneration work) with the best possible elements to promote health and healing. I believe pure water is the critical first step that MUST be taken on any wellness journey as it is the primary element to establish a healthy foundation within our bodies.

  19. Because clean water, like us, is part of nature! Water is all around us and inside us. It’s in animals, plants, the air, the soil, and of course amazing water bodies which delight us.
    Maintaining our connection with nature (including clean water) is vital for the planet’s health and wellbeing. And our’s.

  20. Over the past couple of years I’ve been taking steps to low-toxify my home. One by one I’ve swapped packet food for produce, conventional grown to organic, toxic cosmetics to their nourished life approved counterparts and have even banned phones from the bedroom.

    Next up is water. While we’ve been using a basic jug filter for some time I’ve become aware that it’s not doing all it could be to give me and my family the best water we need and deserve and while clean water is my next priority I just haven’t been able to afford the outlay.

    I now have a 2 month old baby boy and so clean water has become even more important on my priority list. If I’m not fortunate enough to win this beautiful filter it’ll be the only thing on my Christmas list- here’s hoping I’ll be lucky enough to get one!

  21. Because I hadn’t realised tap water could be harmful until I listened to this podcast! And I want to stay healthy and happy without all the fluoride now.

  22. Having access to pure, CLEAN, uncontaminated water would mean the world to my family’s health. Water is essential not only to our bodies’ functioning but also to our gut health – the cornerstone of our health and immune system – so it just makes sense to give ourselves the cleanest water possible. It would help us live a more Nourished Life!

  23. Filtered water is important to me because the water where I live is especially gross…there have been news articles about high levels of dangerous chemicals in our water and it tastes like poo.

  24. This year I have started paying close attention to the toxins in the food that my family eats, but I was at a loss when it comes to drinking clean, chemical-free water. Water is medicine to make every part of our body function properly, but thanks to your podcast Alexx, I’ve learned the chemicals that are added to tap water are toxic. I believe clean and safe water should be available free of charge to every person on our planet! Thank you for facilitating this competition.

  25. I believe in clean water bc I live in Flint, Michigan (USA) where the government literally caused us all to have lead exposure from our water. I’ve seen the devastation across this population and never want anyone to experience this in the modern world!

    1. Post
  26. Clean filtered water is absolutely key to good health.

    ps I learnt this from Dr Sandeep Gupta who has changed my life – what an amazing Doctor. I dread to think where I would be without him xx

  27. As part of my going low tax journey, I have moved through different stages and household items to replace with best possible options. Moving from tap water to alkaline is my next step. I have been researching all the different products and I trust Alexx’s judgement 100%, so I would love this for my home 🙂

  28. The one thing they did teach us at school was that water was the most important thing to sustain life. True fact. What they did not teach us is the stuff that comes out of most of taps is not just water. It is so much more. It’s crazy that we have to clean our water, but that how crazy this world has become. I value proper water so much now, I would rather not have any if I’m not sure what’s in it. I’m labelled a water snob by family but I cannot drink that pool water they do
    Enough ranting! Love your work Alexx x

  29. Having read the notes and listened to the podcast, these symptoms fit our family presentation which has been dismissed for a decade. We have taken the low tox path and clean water is the next step – alongside some investigations for CIRS. Thanks Alex.

  30. Clean water should be a basic human right. Unfortunately this is not the case. Love to keep my family healthily hydrated.

  31. Clean water is so important. I’m now wondering whether some of our issues are being exacerbated by tap water and I’m so concerned I will be buying this water filter and the shower filter. My husband, who is asthmatic, finds it hard to catch his breath after having a shower and I really think its the chlorine in the air from the water! Thank you Alexx for letting us know about this product. Trying to wade through the hundreds of water filters is confusing. Knowing this product is recommended by you, someone I completely trust, is very affirming.

  32. today’s water is so full of impurities from minerals like lead, copper, cadmium, mercury to pesticides, PCB’s, glyphosphate and of course, some nasty micro organisms including cryptosporidium. And that is omitting the obvious such as industrial fluoride and chlorine. There are more of course but that is plenty. Water filtration is critical if you want health. Water that is full of toxins will only make you sick. Clean water will actually detox you. Water is critical for all areas of life and health with our body more than 70% water – you can see the importance of it. Water filtration is a rather dodgy field with many making claims that are not true, or they omit the fact the filter does not do much at all. Even the Life straw (TM) does not filter everything out – generally only micro organisms and not the chemicals. We even find aluminum and Barium in our water for heavens sake.. So clean water in today’s world is scarce and this filter – it will give you that scarce resource your body needs.

  33. I am a firm believer in nutrition as medicine – about 10 years ago I overcame rheumatoid arthritis with primarily, high dose omega 3’s and an alkalising diet. My Rheumatologist didn’t believe it could be done and was offering all sorts of drugs.
    Reading about this water filter makes me realise how short my bench top jug is failing. They sound amazing.

  34. I believe in clean water because water is at the centre of our being. Something so simple and so natural should be available to all of us and is crucial for great health. I want to jump out of bed and feel alive every morning; I want my child to have the energy to run and play and be the best she can be and clean water is essential to make this happen.

  35. Water is our life force, our body is made up of a huge amount of water. Why wouldn’t you want your fuel (water) to be of the best quality possibile to nourish your beautiful vehicle.
    Clean mineral rich water is the BEST!!

  36. Water is something we ingest a considerable amount of every day, and it’s necessary for life. Removing contaminants from our water supply is one of the easiest steps we can take to improving our overall health. I currently use a filter jug, but would love to upgrade to this filter.

  37. Thankyou for sharing such a wealth of information over so many subjects .. I always learn something new. I’m constantly concerned about our water supply including our rain water and the possible contaminants.

  38. Fluoride and chlorine in our drinking water. Yuck! Would love to stop ingesting these chemicals along with the 2nd most important substance to life after air.

  39. Agh what an amazing give away I would love love love this filter I hope ireland is included for give away I would love this to help on my low inflammation journey. Have recently invested in glass water bottles but would love love love this.

  40. Hi Alexx

    Is there a code for the $575 price?
    The link lists the price on special as $630
    Thanks (looking forward to your book launch)

  41. Hi Alexx,
    Thank you for the opportunity (& all the great info!)
    I think filtered clean water is important because if is the base of every cell in our body. Therefore, whatever is in your water is essentially and literally in every single part of our body: brain, organs, blood, hormones – everything. What could be more important?

  42. “This is the end of the river’s journey. Collectively they’ve worn down mountains and carried them to the sea, and all along the way their fresh water has brought life in abundance to planet Earth” – Sir David Attenborough.

    Clean, fresh water. I need it, you need it, our children need it. All life on this planet depends upon it.

  43. Clean water that is untouched by chemicals is what I believe a basic right. We should be able to choose if we would like to consume chemical laden water, however it is something that is imposed on us as it is what comes out of every tap. Clean water nourishes the body and helps it to thrive and grow.

  44. Seeing as the human body is composed of over 50% (depending on individuals age, weight etc) it is vital to have clean water to help maintain a healthy body. As much as we try to avoid them there are so many chemicals that we put into our body without even being aware of it, if we can control one portion of that by ensuring that our water intake is clean it is a huge step to becoming healthier and low tox.

  45. So very grateful to receive 50mm of rain on our farm over the weekend!! !! There’s water in the tanks again & the grass is growing!!

  46. Given that the only thing my children choose to drink is water, being able to provide them with clean water is one of the best things I could do.

  47. Clean water is super important for my family and I.. because it’s non negotiable, non replaceable. Good quality water means you’re not selling yourself short, your not drinking all the yuck

  48. After being diagnosed with Ross river fever & rheumatoid arthritis my husband is now embarking on a natural health & living journey that the whole family are committing too, moving to filtered water is a step we have both agreed will be key!

  49. I truly believe my wellbeing took a positive turn once I started drinking filtered water! Every one deserves to know about and feel the difference x

  50. Thanks so much Alex for your work. I’m such a firm believer in a low tox life and pure water since I’ve had problems with parasites and toxins left me debilitated and broke since I’ve been unable to even work. Really grateful for your free valuable resources. Relevant podcasts like this and amazing giveaways :). Thanks for empowering and inspiring!!

  51. I am so glad you asked that last question regarding allergy. That is where I am with my 7 year old daughter. Thabk you!!

    1. Post

      You’re so welcome – So important, hey? I knew the answer because I’d done my own research, but knew many of you guys out there would have GP’s running an allergy test as your first port of call, too so I was like “While I have a DR to answer it, I’m getting a recorded answer!” hee hee x

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