Podcast Show #13: Dr Stephen Sinatra on Holistic Heart Health

Hello! This week I chat to renowned integrative cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra who I’ve interviewed twice now – Once for REAL FOOD ROCKSTARS my take-anytime e course and now in the podcast. I know you’ll love his vibe as much as I do! He’s a nutritional therapist and psychotherapist and a big believer that patients are a doctor’s greatest teachers. We talk about rigidity in the medical profession. Rigidity is the achilles heel of the doctor – believing that whatever we learn in med school then stands still as truth for the rest of their practising years? Well that just makes no sense! They also discuss vital nutrients needed for healthy heart function, whether or not butter is GREEN LIGHT, how to have conversations with your doctor around cholesterol and statins, when statins are useful and when they are not, where lifestyle and nutrient therapy would be enough to produce great heart health results, the redefining of the thinking that cholesterol is our enemy, and more that cholesterol is your friend. Dr Sinatra also talks about the rescuing power of crying and laughing, and what patients really need to heal successfully. Hope you enjoy the show this week.


In our chat we talk about cholesterol levels, the the United States these are are expressed in mg / dL (milligrams per deciliter)  and in Canada, the UK and Australia in mmol / L (millimoles per litre)  – to do the conversion yourself here is the general rule:
Divide your Australian numbers by .0259 to convert to US numbers (Or conversely, multiply by 38.6)

OR, you can try this  Cholesterol Converter ToolTo use the Cholesterol Converter, enter a value into the appropriate field and click on the Convert button to see the cholesterol level expressed in the other standard.

Check out Dr Sinatra’s website here: http://www.drsinatra.com/
…where you can check out Dr Sinatra’s books – including those mentioned in the podcast:
‘Heart sense for women’ which covers the physiological differences between men and women when it comes to our hearts
‘Heartbreak and heart disease’ which talks about emotional stress
‘The Great cholesterol Myth’
and the recently released –
‘Revelations from heaven and earth’ (another podcast to come just on this treasure trove of a book!)











Connect with their community online:



Check out Dr Sinatra’s blog here


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  • Used to reduce the appearance of scars (including acne scars) and skin pigmentation – perfect for minimising after pregnancy spots around the outer parts of the face. It’s not overnight, but it absolutely helps.
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I adore the plain RoseHip oil from their range. It’s a beauty must have for evening out the skin tone, in my humble opinion. I’m very excited to be able to offer you (Australian residents) this amazing offer from the RoseHip PLUS website.

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