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Now – for our final show for 2016, I wanted to leave you with some thoughts around achieving goals – predominantly, how to pick a good goal. For this show, we invite Julia Bickerstaff the queen of effective goal creation and completion, onto the show to discuss why resolutions don’t work, why goals that are far too short or long term framed don’t work, and to pin point the things that actually DO work when it comes to  achieving the things we really want to achieve. The Low Tox Life isn’t just about food, health and consumer choices, but also about feeling good in the skin we’re in – our whole life’s skin! So when we’re constantly down on ourselves or stressed about what we’re not achieving, this can affect different areas of our life like our health, so it’s important to address the issue of NOT getting stuff done, and the unhappiness it can bring, and then to turn our focus to the tools that will help us get stuff done and feel free, accomplished and positive. Doesn’t that sound perfect?


Julia Bickerstaff is the founder of the 100 Day Goal, a super-simple way to achieve stuff and get important things done. Click in the link to find out what YOU could get done in 100 days! The next one commences 1st January, 2017. You can sign up whenever you’d like, but the best thing to do is to sign up now, then you’ll have time to complete your free work book / guide which talks about reaching your goals in preparation for the 1st January… the two important things for you to do are (a) think about your goal, and (b) start your micro action list (which is 120 little things you could do to help you reach your goal).

She also runs The Business Bakery, a resource to help women make a Healthy Income from their micro-businesses, and she is the Finance Expert on Channel 7s Kochie’s Business Builders, Small Business Expert on ABCNews24’s Finance Quarter, the author of Aussie best seller “How to Bake a Business” and a mum of four!

Speaking of goals – here at the Low Tox Life, our most recent goal achieved is our beautiful organic shopping bags!


Decide on a goal! If you set your goal at exactly what you want to achieve, your brain will do just that… if you set your ‘good’ goal at what you want to achieve, a ‘great’ goal at 10% more, and then your awesome goal at 25% more… then go after your ‘awesome’ goal!  Even if you don’t reach your awesome goal, you’ll likely still come in around your ‘great’ goal or even higher! So write yourself a good, great, and an awesome goal as we talked about in the show, and possibly come join me for the next 100 day goal January 1.

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