Show #26 – Real Food with Steph Lowe


This week Alexx chats to Steph Lowe, sports nutritionist and avid proponent for a real, wholefoods approach. What they chat about however, goes beyond the basics and into food for various types of movement goals and habits, and how best to support your movement with your food choices and vice versa. Covering carbohydrate levels for activity types as well as for fat loss and sugar balancing, it’s a chat packed with nuggets to help you towards your best energy and results.

Now, on with the show!

Steph is a sports nutritionist and triathlete from Melbourne. Her professional focus is mainly on eating real food for ultimate performance. She’s against the concept that there’s only one healthy way to eat and encourages people to experiment with the way they eat and get professional help to track and make tweaks to their diets.

Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

– We discuss how you need to eat differently each day. What you eat on a sedentary Monday is not the same as what you should eat on a very active Friday.
– Eating in a wholesome way doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. You just have to develop a habit around it.
– It’s a lifestyle – not a diet.
– Steph gives us some excellent tips on beating that 3pm slump – for real.
– We talk about the combination of satiety and blood sugar levels when it comes to all day sustained energy.
– Sugar actually is a big problem. Follow the JERF rule. Just Eat Real Food.
– A raw treat is still a treat – Just because you’d rather be eating a big chocolate bar doesn’t mean your ‘healthy’ raw slice isn’t full of sugar and should be consumed occasionally.
– The affects of sleep on your blood sugar levels.
– Learning to re-learn what we think we know – avocados and eggs aren’t the enemy!
– It’s not about counting calories or carbs it’s about understanding the spectrum.


This week I want you to think about where you can make a change to the way you eat. Most low toxers are pretty good with this stuff but is there any other tweaking you can do? Maybe ditching your daily sandwich and having a salad instead? Switching to clear spirits with soda water instead of your Friday afternoon lager? Little changes can make BIG differences, so choose one thing this week and go with it.

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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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  1. Really enjoyed this episode. I loved the simplistic directions for reducing carbs and increasing the protein and good fats. Found it fascinating that we need different foods on different days. For some strange reason this didn’t occur to me before. Love listening to these sort of episodes to clarify what I already know and help order the information into a useable framework. The only thing I was surprised at is that Steph didn’t recommend supplements. I thought it was pretty much accepted (and confirmed by other professionals on this podcast) that we need supplementation of certain nutrients even on a good diet. eg Zinc due to low soil levels and CoQ10 for those over 40.
    Nutritional info is a minefield at times and sometimes experts say the opposite.
    Regardless a really informative interview. Thank you.

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