Show #39 – Indira Naidoo, an accidental gardener!


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This week I chat to household Australian name – Indira Naidoo. From being the youngest anchor on the ABC, to creating the shonky awardsfor CHOICE magazine, targeting false advertisers and crazy claims, to a chance meeting that meant becoming a best selling author inspiring 1000’s of people to grow food no matter how much or little space you have at home. Indira has plenty of interesting stories to share this week whilst she gives us a peek inside her life, her ‘why’ and ‘how’ we can all be a part of the progress towards a healthier planet.

 Here’s a little snapshot of the goodies in today’s episode…

– How small communities can take control of their localised challenges – themselves!
– The Shonky Awards, how they came about and how this initiative rejuvenated how the community perceived and valued the ‘Choice awards’
– Exercising the ‘critical thinking’ muscle, and awakening society’s critical thinking.
– How goals, tests and achievements can get in the way of some great organic learning, and how to create pockets of time where there is a feeling of spaciousness and not having to be anywhere.
– How easy it can be to start growing your own veggies, and for Indira how it all started with the taste of a delicious tomato!
– How the incredible book ‘The Edible Balcony’ came about, and how not every crop is going to work out the way you hoped it would – and that’s part of the experience.

THIS WEEK’S LIVE HAPPIER, HEALTHIER CHALLENGE from Indira: Most people end up doing things they don’t really enjoy doing… but I rarely come across an unhappy gardener. Find your joy, write down 5 things every day that give you joy – and maybe plant a seed, and watch it germinate at the end of the week. The things you think will bring you joy, can sometimes not be the things that actually do. Listen to that little whisper in your head, and once you start to identify and understand those things, you’re drawn more to those things / people / ideas. It also helps you be more grateful, which in turns leads to being happier, and more present. (If you’d be willing to share your list of things that bring you joy on instagram we’d love to hear about them – please don’t forget to tag us @lowtoxlife #lowtoxlife and Indira #dearindira)

Here are all the important links:

Check out Indira’s books, The Edible City and The Edible Balcony

The Edible Balcony FB page


Listen HERE to our previous podcast interview with Dr Fiona Kerr, they discuss how you can actually heal yourself from being a procrastinator, and how the brain needs space to create and grown, and how great a service it is to yourself to empty your brain out every so often!

Gardening Australia with Indira Naidoo


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  1. I loved the challenge in this podcast to list 5 things that brought you joy. It has made a huge impact in my life in a very short time. I started and then was faced with a very stressful life event (which was unexpected). Writing the 5 things that brought me joy (and some days it has been very challenging to come up with, has helped me look back at tough days and see some good. Thank you!

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      Oh I’m so glad it spoke to you and it’s been able to get you already through an icky time Kristen. Thanks for sharing x

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this while walking my dog this morning. She sounds like someone you could just sit with for hours talking about all sorts of things. I loved everything she talked about. Her discussion on education and needing to be a critical thinker really resonated with me. I’m like her and don’t have one particularly person who inspires me, but instead many. I’m happy to say that Indira is another on my list of inspirational people.

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      So glad you loved the show Diana – I could definitely have continued on for hours chatting to lovely Indira. Critical thinking is where it’s at. I LOVE teaching it so very much, as it’s a skill that once awakened (as I believe we all have it beaten out of us as we grow up) it empowers people for a life time! Indira will be so happy to hear that – she sure is inspiring x

  3. Alexx! Just listened to the podcast with Indira….AMAZING…like all your wonderful podcasts. I always get really sad when they end (listened to Melissa last week and the MTHFR one as well) and think ‘the next one just won’t be as good…they’re all wonderful and so informative. Thank you thank you!!!
    As someone who has recently started growing veg from left over veg (silverbeet/celery stalks) I completely relate to the joy of growing your own produce. It’s quite special!
    Thanks so much!!

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      Aww I’m so glad you loved the show Kerry – I get sad when the chats end. I could talk to these amazing people all day!!! Congrats on your veggie growing efforts x

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